Preflight Germination

CSCSS Nomad > B Deck > Science Lab > Hydroponics Bay
Rita made her way into the science lab after the meal together. There was a small hydroponics bay that housed enough pods for roughly four hundred plants in a vertical alignment. Not that Rita saw that they would need that many plants it would offer a good selection for any larger xeno-botanticals that they found. Of course, the first few were mentally were slated for something else entirely.

One of her own boxes had been brought aboard. It contained twenty five pods of flowering flora with in it. Five of each plant. Their uses varying from medical to culinary. Fresh vegetables in space would be a rare treat, and the four plants that were actually fruit was going to be even more special of a treat:
- strawberries
- blueberries
- grapes
- watermelons (small)

- spinach
- zucchini
- peppers
- tomatoes

- aloe
- saffron
- chamomile
- thyme
- rosemary

The rest were cross breeds with plants not found on earth, bred for the stability of space to stop headaches, bleeding, improve morale and the like.

They were all ready to be inserted into one of the towers.

A well written care manual was also organized by Rita, for SA-Miii to be able to take care of the plants while they were in cyro, so when Rita woke up, she would have fully mature plants ready for harvest and use.

Rita seemed at home in this area of the lab, a natural with the plants and their care.

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