Accounting for Missing Crew

Kenny asked, "Attention crew of the Cronus! How many members of your crew are missing right now? Assuming only one parasite can hatch in a human host, we can guess that the number of dead or missing crewmen equals the number of parasites still on the Cronos. Does that sound about right folks?"

The remaining members of the Cronus collectively piece the story together.

“We started off at 30. We found strange flora and fauna on planetoid LV-1113 in the 26 Draconic system. We also found and recovered artifacts of an ancient alien civilization which were transported onto the Cronus.

2 scientists were experimenting with a strange chemical substance found in the archaeological site. It was also brought on board, along with other samples. 3 other scientists came down with an infection and were quarantined.

The crew were attacked by a an unidentified, predatory, alien species and the away team retreated onto the Science Module shuttle. Shortly after docking, the 3 quarantined Scientists died in an incident on the shuttle as a result of those parasites.

One of the parasites must have made it out of the shuttle and started killing crew. It was destroyed by the security team. There was a mutiny and the Science module was ejected. Chaos ensued... the whole science team must’ve been infected... because it happened again. The scientists created a cure for the parasitic strain and everyone was supposed to be inoculated as the crew kept fighting off the parasites. People started mutating and the ship was overrun. As far as we know, the cure worked. Check his body, you’ll probably find his inoculation.”

Recap of Cronus crew
Left Earth with 30
4 of the crew died on LV-1113
3 died in the Science module which was ejected
Collins committed suicide
Dr Cooper birthed a bloodburster
Kazuko Roku (Hikari’s mother) died after 53 years of cryo
2 died in Cryo 3 from possible faulty cryopods
4 crew alive in Cryo 3 with Montero crew
1 white alien, flamed in the hall
3 unknown life forms roaming the ship

16-20 crew accounted for

Hideo Roku (Hikari’s father) fate unknown

1 glitchy ping from the air scrubbers shaft

“Are you telling me, the 6 of us were the only ones you found alive on this ship? And now Cooper is dead and Tsuki’s in a coma?”, Johns asked in shock.

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