Places To Stay

River stood there in shock for a long moment, a light blush tinting her cheeks. "Wow..." She muttered before Max left. Going over to Serenity, she said, "Hey, it's okay...don't listen to him. You did great."

She glanced to Chris, hoping Tam would arrive soon. They really needed to get out of here so the ice skater could unwind and have a little fun.


Kevin had been waiting outside the shop by the time Max arrived and quickly got in the car to escape the cold. "Hey, man," He said, letting Bonnie leap into the backseat where she curled up happily. "Sorry if my message seemed odd. I was dumb and my landlord knows about Bonnie now...he's kind of...evicting me."

A sheepish look crossed Kevin's face as he remembered how mad the landlord had been the moment they saw Bonnie. "So, I may need a place to stay for a few days. I've already been looking up places on my, uh, what did you want to talk about?"


Kent was surprised by how forward Tamara was being, but the prospect of not having to go home was far more appealing than he would let on. He stared at her for a long moment, biting at his bottom lip in worry. "You sure your friend won't mind?" He asked. "Almost everyone here knows me as the bad boy. They think I'll hurt them or something..."

He really did want to go with Tamara, avoid being at home for at least one night. Even if he did have to return home in the end, at least he would be able to postpone it for a time. Offering her a slight smile, he finally nodded. "Sure, I'd be glad to hang out."

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