Yes, Things Are Fine

River looked to Chris and smiled. "That's very kind of you," She told him, happy to see he did not just find her pretty. It made Tam's earlier revelation less stressful. Getting to her feet from where she sat, the photographer went to Serenity and looked over where the ice skater had pointed.

After a few seconds of internal calculations, she said, "I can fix that easily. Go ahead and change into the next costume while I make notes and get started on fixing this one."

Returning her gaze to Chris, she asked, "Did you need anything?"


Kent adjusted a few things with the truck before driving Tam to her car. Her admittance to threatening his father was honestly expected. "I'm not surprised," He said with a chuckle. "To be honest, he admitted he wasn't my real father while I was there..."


The vet grabbed the bag with his purchase in it and turned a tired gaze to Max. "Yes," He said calmly and brushed back locks of dark hair with silver and grey streaked through it. "Why do you ask?"

Stefan gave Max a quick wave before going to check on Kevin and the rat. Both men were happy to know the rat was actually doing well and feeling better.

Bonnie stared at the man from her perch on Max's shoulders and let out a little snorting noise as if unbothered.

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