Can You Say No?

Chris continued to sip his juice now, happy, but upon River asking him if he needed anything else he stretched out his arms, his right arm not as much due to how stiff his shoulder was still from the gunshot wound, in a silent asking of a hug.


Tam hissed. "He was the man who took you in, he should've treated you better. And I still want to skin him alive and dunk him in a pool of lemon juice..." She folded her arms indignantly and sighed and bit her lip. "So... look... I know you're looking for a place to live... and... well..." She began to fidget in her seat. "...Serenity's getting me set up with a new job and a new apartment. I... I wouldn't have an issue if you... wanted to stay with me?" She felt panic welling up in her breast. "I mean... like until you find a new place. I don't want to you to think I'm insisting you stay. I know we don't know each other that well still but... I want to help you. You're such a good guy and you need a break and if I can I'd love to help..." She continued to ramble like a crazy person, slowly digging her grave proverbially speaking.


Max frowned. "Your daughter's been trying to cause trouble..." At that point Max began to divulge everything that the man's insane daughter had been up to. Knowing that Stefan would back him up in his claims. And all the while he pet Bonnie to keep from getting too worked up.

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