He Knows, He Tries, He Fails

River smiled again and pulled Chris into a hug. "You're too sweet," She told him and looked to Serenity. "Don't be so embarrassed. He's just a kid."


Kent laughed at her hatred for his not-father, turning off the truck to save on gasoline. "I mean...he was married to mom and I was just left with him, so..." He shrugged and listened to her ramble with a smile. Watching her fiddle and fidget was almost mesmerizing, the sight just making him enjoy being around her more.

"I'd love to stay," he said before he could even dare to stop himself. Honestly, Kent would not have stopped himself from staying with her even if logic told him not to.


The man simply listened to Max and let out a heavy sigh. "I've been attempting to mitigate this behavior for the past three years. It's like once she hit puberty, Layla has been...wild." He explained and noticed Bonnie, smiling. "Happy to know Kevin's little friend is still doing well. I do wish he would bring her in for a check-up, though."

In response to Max's petting and the vet's kind words, Bonnie let out a happy purr.

"I will when I have the money, doc!" Kevin called as he helped Stefan with a few heavy supplies, refusing to let the older man hurt himself.

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