Chris had the biggest smile on his face after getting his hug from River. She had just made the boy's whole week with that hug. He then frowned at River's comment and then saw Serenity and looked away. "Oh, I'm sorry, Serenity! You must've been wanting to surprise us all with your cool outfit! I'll go and pretend I didn't see it, okay?" He then dashed off with his juice in hand.


Tam kept rambling for a moment before Kent's words processed in her brain. "You will??? That's great!" She couldn't help but throw her arms around Kent's shoulders. "That makes me so happy!" Then she paused and realized what she had said and pulled away from him. "Err... I mean... that's good. I'm glad." She rubbed at her arm sheepishly.


Max sighed. "So you've known about this for some time?" He looked to Kevin with an eye roll then back to the vet. "Well I hope you manage to get that under control... Kevin has been terrified of her causing trouble for him." Then he pet Bonnie again. "You know I'd pay for her vet appointments, Kevin. Right?"

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