He Loves The Place

River took both costumes and got to work on fixing them calmly with her sewing kit.


Kent chuckled at Tam's sheepish behavior before pulling her to him. "Don't feel bad about being happy with something." He told her, pressing his forehead to hers. "I really enjoy seeing that smile on your face." It was the truth in every sense. The young man really did enjoy seeing her smile a lot and wished he could do something for her.


The vet grimaced and headed for the door, stopping as he opened it. "I'm sorry for any trouble Layla causes. She seems to be willing to do anything she wants despite any punishment I give her." He said before leaving.

Kevin set a box down on the counter and grunted. "Come on, man. I feel bad taking money from you." He said. "You've already done a lot for me as is. I should be able to take care of any vet bills Bonnie has."

Stefan stepped up and opened the box, scanning the supplies and adding price tags to them. "Your friend here is very kind, Kevin." He stated. "Thank you for always helping this boy. He is a godsend for this shop."

The blond blushed and laughed nervously. "I wouldn't say that..."

That was when the shop phone rang and the owner had to answer, listening for a long moment. "Yes, I...okay, I'll be there soon enough. Just let me see if I can get Kevin to cover for the rest of the night. Calm down. I'll be there soon." He said with a heavy before hanging up. "Mind taking over for the rest of the night? Wife needs help with nephew...had an accident with the cat."

Kevin grinned. "I'm always happy to take care of the shop." He said, looking to Max. "You don't mind picking me up later, do you?" There was that gleam back in his blue eyes, a reminder that the blond simply loved working with the animals.

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