Under Her Roof Is Where He Wants To Be

Tam smiled again just to make Kent happy. Then she went a step beyond and kissed him. "Expect a lot of that under my roof." The winked and looked to where her car was parked. "I'll see you back at Serenity's? I need to get things figured out with the new job and quitting the pizza job. Not to mention my dad's house... my god I got so much to do!" She looked somewhat anxious. "I scarcely know where to begin!"

Chris rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Yes, Serenity?" Then he saw what she was wearing and smiled as he yawned again. "Oh that looks pretty on you, Serenity."


Stefan stepped up and opened the box, scanning the supplies and adding price tags to them. "Your friend here is very kind, Kevin." He stated. "Thank you for always helping this boy. He is a godsend for this shop."

The blond blushed and laughed nervously. "I wouldn't say that..."

Max shrugged. "Oh, don't be so modest! You're a great guy, Kev." He slapped his friend on the back and frowned when Stefan answered his phone.

"You don't mind picking me up later, do you?" There was that gleam back in his blue eyes, a reminder that the blond simply loved working with the animals.

"I don't mind at all." Max nodded. "Just call me when you need me to come pick you up." Max wasn't quite sure what he was going to do given that today was a day he wasn't scheduled to tutor Serenity. So he decided to drive into town and do some shopping... (And who knows who he'll end up meeting while there.)

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