12: Ni-Bump-ght Part Two

Ayala sat cross-legged on the floor, her spear laying across her lap as she stared out the window.
Everything about last night seemed wrong. Everything about this place.....


Well, wrong to her.
Most everyone she's met here would probably think the same about her home. She'd just have to try to learn. Adapt. What else could she do?
She needed to understand. She needed to learn to make herself understood. Maybe then she could finally understand why she was brought here. And how to get back home.
Still, some things were just..... wrong.
Bad Spirits. Evil Spirits. Spirits who possess people and make them kill. The very possibility had kept her from sleep for most of the night.
She'd always been taught that the spirits were ancestors. Guides and protectors to be revered, not monsters who possess and kill people.
She wondered if Hairy might be wrong. She hoped he was wrong. But there was no denying what she felt last night. And it felt very, very wrong.
She wondered with more than a little concern if a Spirit's head could be wrong.
Looking down at her spear, she wondered if there was any way to fight a spirit.
She would have to try to ask Hairy. Or perhaps Bernice.
She hoped she could make herself understood.

As she yawned, her thoughts were interrupted by a strange buzzing sound coming from her pocket.
She pulled the little noise maker she'd been given and stared at it for a moment, then got to her feet and stretched before leaving her room and making her way to Bernice's 'office'. Bernice would probably be able to tell her what the images on the 'phone' were, and she needed to try to talk with her anyway.

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