20: All in the Game (Jake)

“Oh fer… Historical! Uff da!” Jake exclaimed comically. “Too much like frikking school. Gotta be careful I might learn something by mistake.”
Ethan remarked on the temperature and Jake almost asked if it was cold enough for him. Instead he went for the slippers remark. “Slippers. That’s all a bit grandpa ain’t it. Where I am from when Italian and English cars won't start we drive with the windows down. Is that what you do in your room only wear slippers? Kinked.”
Jake was teasing about the slippers because Ethan was way cooler than the cake eaters here. Ethan had never told him to get his bare ass off the furniture.
“Nice. O-fer cute that sounds good. See some people getting spitted and gutted with swords. Yeah sure. I can go for that.”
Ethan asked how he had been. Jake could have bitched about it. But he knew he was safe here and safe won out over boredom. Whilst he did not miss his addiction he did miss having fun. He had not shared that he was a heroin addict with anyone. He didn't trust anyone enough for that. Which was why a group counselling session would never happen for him. This place was not fun. It was dull and that made staying clean even harder. Boredom needed to be combatted and there was nothing here that interested him. He did have a distraction but he had to be away from here to enjoy it.
“OK I guess. Nothing to do. My image jewel thing is needs a charge so I am stuck here.”
Ethan will have seen Jake with the image generating jewel active so he knew what the guy looked like.

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