20: It's All in the Game - Ethan

"How do you charge it or do you get someone else to do it like Tesla batteries?" Ethan remarked how one of the cars in the garage was electric and was plugged into a charging station. He knew it was magic but it had to work like any other type of energy. Ethan had no idea how real magic worked.

"Ryusaku most of us are a little eye tired of the game but relaxing with some sword and sorcery movie might be relaxing...unless we organize an orgy; I think our options are mostly PG-13," Ethan said knowing talking about sex would rattle the all so controlled Ryu. He was on the spectrum and complex emotions and sex were alien to him. Ethan on the other hand was always infatuated with the prospect of the romantic or sexual moment.

"Just kidding...mostly kidding...but still I know of some really good Japanese Anime that deals with ancient spirits, demons, and lots of mystical samurai. Inuyasha or Seven Deadly Sins...unless you want live-action..." Ethan suggested to them both.

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