20: All in the Game (Jake)

Jake had as much knowledge about how magic worked as he did about his cell phone.
“Charge it? That’s down to that English wizard guy Harry. I dunno how he does it. Some Harry Potter kinda thing is my guess. It’s a jewel and it has a spell in it. When I think I want it on it shows me as I am. He says it is an illusion ‘cos I was thinking it switches my power off. So if he says it’s an illusion I believe him. When it runs out he has to recharge it. I can only get a recharge if I go to classes and therapy. And I have to engage.” There was a whopping sigh at the end of that sentence.
“This whole place is PG-13.”
Jake had not really interacted with Ryusaku. The guy was a fucking weirdo. But if he wanted to stay for whatever Ethan was going to choose he could. He took his mug of coffee and drank. At least they did good coffee here. Nothing of the coffee showed from inside his body.
“I am not bothered by what we watch. But Inuyasha is a bit girly isn’t it? At least Sins has some fit guy bodies in it.”

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