Stacking Debts

It was a strange thing to witness fire fail to do what it did by its very nature, consume and destroy. But with faith and steel… she not only clove the indestructible thing, but shattered it. There was a great force of energy released from the thing, nearly making her shield her face. It was, of course, much more than her own faith and a sword at work, it was true divine might, the prayers of many scared believers and the sacrifices of a people long past.

This felt powerful. It felt good. Just as it had the day she cut the head from its magikal body. She hadn’t hesitated then. She was protecting others and acting out the will of the Pillars.

Then why had she hesitated with Diarah? Was she under the witch’s spell? No, she firmly believed that she was in her right mind. Although they weren’t magik, enough time with the spore whispers had convinced her of that.

What would she have done differently? Kill Diarah and Daaul? In the midst of the whole tribe? Not a chance. She would be cut down before making it out of there. Should she have told everyone to be ready for a holy crusade? There seemed little choice but to wait it out until she could learn more and strike the witches in secret. But wouldn’t they see through her with their powers and know she was coming. Wouldn’t they know exactly how to avoid her or how to kill her? If not, it didn’t seem like seeing visions in dreams was some great and useful power.

But she was making assumptions. There was still so much she didn’t understand about these witches and their abilities. That was the first part to stopping magik, knowing what she was dealing with. She had fully intended to destroy that Alossi ship after they were finished with reconnaissance, but the chance never came. Since then, the Island had never left the back burner in her brain. The natives wielded magik and were extremely hostile. There was no question whether their shamen had to live or die.

No… all her hesitation had to do with the innocence of the parties involved. That was her job as an Arbiter, to judge. Not simply execute.

She wass allowed certain leeway in her methods, but Voah was treading dangerous new territory in her faith. In the past, she would investigate thoroughly and strike, it was easy. I heretic was one who willfully denied the Pillars and worshipped another unsanctioned deity, a witch was a witch. But in Arcadia, there were no clear rules or answers. And she found two already that were non-believers.

Betraying the teachings of the Pillars had ended poorly, primarily her secret affair with Lord Griison, but now she was deeply involved with muddy secularity and people whose behaviors and faith were questionable.

Voah's debts, pacts, infractions, and failures were stacking up on her. How could she put herself in this position? With these people? Even now... after she knew the fucking Purger had shown up in Arcadia and had summoned her.

Voah had hardly considered asking anyone to join her on her travel. The journey itself would most likely prove to be a dangerous one, across the untamed wilds full of wolves, lugars, natives and Pillars knew what else. And how would she explain Gonyaul to Otho? She didn't like the thought at all of taking her infidel beau anywhere near the Purger of all people.

Margrave Otho commanded respect and led a legion of holy warriros. Voah's experience inspiring soldiers had mostly led these men to their deaths. She was certainly more on the justice side of Vastad than the war side.

She was rightfully afraid that the Purger might sense weakness in her and cut her out, or worse, sway her mind back into that pretty cage of blind faith and ruthlessness that her past self and the church had cleverly built around her.

~You have royally fucked up. Otho will have your head. An Arbiter would hand over the Vauxian instead to recompense her failure of showing mercy to a heretic and allowing a cult to live.~

Her wounds surged in waves of dull, but unpleasant pain. Indeed, the storm had come... and the Gods were voicing their admonition.

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