Unexpected Violation

Gonyaul winced as the bright flash of red light felt like it pierced through his eyes and into his brain. He brought both hands up to shield his face from what every sense in his body was signaling as an attack. His feet braced his balance as his upper body had flinched quickly backwards to avoid something which was unavoidable.

He felt violated, by a presence which should not have been there with his thoughts and feelings. This was wrong, unnatural. It tingled unpleasantly across the fiber of his very existence. Furthermore, by all accounts of his upbringing this should be impossible for him to experience. Was something wrong with him? Had he somehow been ripped from the void? What was the intent and purpose of this intrusion?

It teased him with the temptation of returning to his past behaviors that led to ease, comfort and certainty. Like a master archer he willfully shot that flying idea out of the air.

~Comfort is worse an enemy to progress than hardship.~ his dart of wisdom pierced through.

It taunted him with the diversity, deception and destructive ways of those of the outside world, including those he called trusted friends. Once again that idea took flight and he aimed to take another shot. With precision he brought it down.

~Diversity makes existence richer. It is not the immutable attributes that one should concern oneself with, but those traits that are mutable.~

Before that idea died another tried to escape regarding the faults inherit in his companions. He ran a sharp thought through that one as well before it could get out of range.

~We have all missed the mark and are perfectly imperfect. While true, I am equipped with the weapons of grace, forgiveness, humility and long suffering.~

As if frustrated by the Vauxian’s ability to swiftly bring that which was meant to off-balance back into equilibrium, a potent thought flew right at his heart. It brought with it every imaginable insecurity, fear, and doubt about his feelings for Voah. Gonyaul hesitated on the bow of his heart strings. He missed his time to fire, but instead evaded the collision. As it began turning back around, he gathered himself and shot it down as well.

~Love conquers ALL. The good work that love starts will always faithfully be completed. Even if I don’t understand how the ripple effects will play out through time, everything still matters; thus, everyone matters.~

He rubbed his eyes and took deep breathes as if overcoming a physical fight internally. That is when the unwelcome vision yelled in his minds eye like a screech owl. He stumbled physically to the floor, landing on all fours. Every cell in his body was retaliating in resistance and he strained through a few Vauxian words expressing the perversion he was undergoing.

Panting he slowly began to calm himself. He shook his head as if trying to shake off a headache, or eye strain. He looked up at the others, none of them had fallen. As he began rising to his feet the magnitude of what he just witnessed puzzled and concerned him. There was no Vauxian wisdom to combat that. There was no metric to even validate if it was truth.

He brushed himself off and took a deep breath as he stood tall again. His vision was his own. The uninvited experience had ended.

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