A Path to Walk

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Tarmen heard the words of Alexis and Gonyaul, but just couldn’t feel the inspiration they were trying to instill. Even then, he couldn’t deny they knew how to make a speech.
Leaning his head against the wall, he wondered if he should tell Alexis everything. All of the blunders that only Voah was privy to and see how hopeful she would be.
He also remembered the words of his hallucination.
‘It is as you perceive.’
Did that mean he was still cursed from Slivhiki, doomed to listen to his damned rumbling forever? Would the others be able to help at all if they knew?
Right now, he didn’t care enough to deal with that fallout.
He looked to both Alexis and Gonyaul with tired eyes.
“Not sayin’ I buy into it, but it’s better than wallowin’ and blamin’. Just need a path to walk.”

Based on how worn down everyone’s body language and expressions were, it probably would be a good idea for them all to sleep on it. In the morning, once refreshed, clearer minds could prevail. The only problem was they might not actually have till morning before danger found them. And technically he was still in danger with a high fever that had not yet broken.

Gonyaul nodded in agreement. They needed to spend less time focusing on the problems and more time on the solutions.

“Best path to walk is one that is no alone.” He recited. Then threw out an option. “I want to see Islana. I miss her and now know where find her.” It was a simple desire, in the infancy stage of development. It did not take into consideration any of the risks involved.

Never in her life had Voah heard such talk like this about the Pillars from more than one person in a room, and not from those she counted as friends…. She wondered how many Helians actually felt such blatant bitterness, distrust, or disregard toward the Gods? Or was it just this lot that she had somehow ended up with? She certainly never expected herself to be included among the doubting, especially now, after having the impossible opportunity to speak with one of the divine. She felt aimless but strangely… liberated?

Who was she becoming? Where should she go from here? She tried to think without the noise of her past… tried to find her own voice.

Lilliark… how easily she had forgotten. Forgotten about surviving the storm together. They had done it. Survived a sandstorm, survived an attack by assassins and a witch…

Sure, Lilliark was another part of the past but… she knew it was also her future. How she wished to be back on those plains again, flirting and laughing at the world with Gonyaul.

So he really wanted to see Islana…

“I want that for you too, Gonyaul. To satisfy your longing for your friend and to sate my own curiosity about her being an Immortal Prophetess. I think we could get you an audience by your name alone, but… That’s if she is still Islana… Are you so willing to put yourself in danger again already? Eager to be rid of me?”

Gonyaul was confused by Voah’s statement. What did she mean Islana might not still be Islana? She was a woman with a heart large enough to embrace the whole world and was going to do great things the moment she believed in herself.

“No danger, Islana is family.” He confidently replied before a coughing fit seized him unexpectedly.

He groaned upon recovering. All the talking and excitement had not benefited his condition. He laid his head back down, the beads of sweat rolling down his skin and adding to the Gonyaul shaped wet spot on the bedding. The wounds were one thing, but this climbing fever was a troublesome obstacle.

He frowned at Voah’s last question. She may have been joking; however, it convicted him nonetheless.

Now having the chance to answer, he spoke remorsefully. “I deserve that question. I have no been kind to you tonight.” He looked very displeased with himself.

“I behave wrong.” He sniffled lightly from a runny nose. “Please forgive me?”

He licked his dry lips hoping she would, despite his outbursts and accusatory tone.

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