A Forgiving Mood

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Alexis exhaled sharply as she found herself back in the cave with her friends, shaking her head in an attempt to clear it from the remnants of her, well, vision?

She wondered how long she had been out, but it didn’t seem to be long enough for them to notice anything off with her, given they were still talking amongst them.

So her decision was made, leaving the not so small logistics of how to actually go about it.

Looking around those dear to her, she pondered if she should just tell them. Everything, to all of them, no matter if they thought her crazy afterwards. She probably was anyway, not that it made a difference.

The shared opinions about the Gods were deep cuts to Voah, but she had been settling into the ideas for a while now and the talk only served to reaffirm her thoughts on the matter. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. She waved a forgiving hand.

“There is nothing to forgive, my love. You speak true, nnn? I carry my past around with me wherever I go… as do we all… as do you…”

Had she been in a temper she might have mentioned how he carried the past and future of an entire race of people, or rather, half of it. The other half he likely wanted to deny as did both of their people who hid the truth, each playing the victim. But she was wondering now, against her own belief, whether there was more to it, a misunderstanding of sorts, if the maleficium was not all so evil as they were made out to be.

She shook away the incredible thought for it was to much to bear at the moment and it didn’t change the fact that the V’roni clan had tried to kill her and took her mother instead.

“Maybe the Gods never cared for me, maybe they only used me, but I cannot speak to that… and for my part… well, you understand how it feels to leave family behind.”

She looked to the others, Tarmen was in a despondent mood like her own but Alexis had a peculiar look in her face as if coming to some realization. It was akin to when the woman was staring into the corner. The woman still hadn’t had much sleep.

“Alexis, are you alright?”

Alexis turned to Voah, a pensive look on her face, that was swiftly replaced by a smile at her question, as if laughing at a private joke.

“That is highly debatable.”

She answered, some amusement swinging in her voice. The mercenary turned serious right away, however.

She pulled herself into a crouching position, her eyes wandering over everyone assembled before returning to the ex-Arbiter.

“… I will follow the Brotherhood. They have something I need…”

Her eyes wandered to the murals.

“…more than I knew.”

Gonyaul was thankful for her forgiveness. Her comment though, that he carried around his past too, stood out to him. He already knew his past was a part of him; however, since they were on the topic of the unpleasant night’s events it made him connect a few dots not previously joined.

If Voah could be blinded by her past, maybe he was blinded in places as well by his. Perhaps this led him to act in ways that were not helping his growth or their relationship, just like she had been doing.

He recalled that she showed him how the Vaux used to be part of the inquisition. He also understood that the elders of his people had skewed their original teaching ever so slightly in isolation in order to ensure their survival. He needed to figure this out, because if he was being honest with himself, he didn’t feel anything like a maturing leader. When juxtaposed next to the other three he shamefully had to agree that at best he was a codependent puppy. How could Voah trust in him, if he wasn’t growing to be capable of making tough decisions and solving complex problems consistently?

He sighed sadly, it wasn’t every day you realized you weren’t quite ready to be husband material, and looked to Alexis as she spoke. One decision had been cast that night. He wondered how the rest would go?

Voah could tell that something was weighing on Alexis, more than just lack of sleep. Judging how the night and morning had gone so far and how vague Alexis and Tarmen had been about it earlier, Voah guessed the news was probably another revelation that would rile her.

“I have a patient ear that wishes to hear it, if you are willing to share what you have found. And if I can help in any way, I shall, though I don’t know how much use I can be for a while.” she gestured to her wounds.

“I promise not to have an episode.”she said, making her way closer to the mercenary.

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