Wheeling and Dealing

Ostiarium - Stoneshade Keep

Tarmen and Alexis, are escorted to what is obviously the Keep's Great Hall, although both have been at the Keep before, none had visited the room yet. As they approached they could see the familiar figures of Duke Osdel Stoneshade, Sir Zane and a third man sitting to the side of the three hunched over by the fire. Much too close to the naked flames, as if he was desperately trying to capture the warmth emanating from the burning logs and looking like he was failing miserably.

The firepit and slender braziers dotted around room light up most of the Great Hall and engulfed it glimmering shades of orange. Several tapestries depicting the Empire of Salos hung from the ceiling, dancing in the flickering light of the impressive room.

A long wooden oak table splits the entire room in half, sigils hang from the walls in hues of black and red. Piles of maps and books are spread across its surface. A scribe is sitting close by Between each banner stands a fully armoured pikeman, all of them sporting full chainmail and armour with the emblem of House Stoneshade.

You have been to grander Halls but are impressed nonetheless, surprised at its opulence for this size of the settlement. Although it is expected, Ostirium was after all meant to be the capital of the Empire in Arcadia.

You are announced loudly by your escort and the three figures turn to you almost as one, but your gazes turn to the pale white man, as his unnerving red eyes seem to bore into you. You cannot but feel that he is not only taking your measure but judging you while you walk into the room. So engrossed are you in the man, that you fail to see the scowl spreading across the Duke's face.

Trying to cut the tension Sir Zane speaks first.
"You have a knack to always be at the centre of trouble, don't you?" he asks. " We thought you both dead..."

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