Ostiarium - Stoneshade Keep

Sir Zane looked at the Duke but before another word could be uttered in the great hall, the bald man, with pale white skin and strange red eyes, drifted away from near the fireplace and strode towards the Alexis and Tarmen.

He stopped a metre or so from the pair and looked from the man to the woman.
"The Slayer of Slivikhi." he whispered in a raspy sepulchrous voice. "You did the city a great service by eliminating that insidious cult from their midst..." he offered keeping her gaze. "The Inquisition in Arcadia could use people like you in its ranks." he paused squinting his eyes slightly. "But there is something else about you, something..."

Before he could finish his sentence the Duke spoke. His tone indicating he was not pleased that the man was trying to guide the conversation elsewhere.

"If you are here to report, I suggest you do so with haste. Our time is precious. Their is an army marching on this walls as we speak..."

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