A Familiar Face

It was a long ride as Voah and Hunter arrived at what looked like a makeshift camp in Aquilo. It was obvious they had not been there for long since it lacked a lot of proper living quarters and other key services like a General Store. The people all had the same "I don't want to be here" look on their face. Since Voah was looking for Creed runners it was going to look troublesome since they had time to blend in. However if they were still full of hate it would not be hard to single them out, especially if they attacked Voah.

As they rode into Aquilo both he and Voah received some unpleasant stares. He wondered how they knew who Voah was this far out without someone spreading rumors. This meant there was a good chance the Creed was here, otherwise the natives should know little about Voah unless a someone could see the future in their clan.

Hunter watched to see if anyone would take off to meet with a leader or two in this place. Hunter sized up the locals as well as the visitors from the Duke's territory in order to gauge how much of a threat they could end up as.

Wim waved to Voah, Hunter, and the stranger from the wagon. They would need a drink and he wanted to know what brought them this far north and into danger.

Seeing Wim flagging them down Hunter spoke up to Voah, "Looks like the noble kid is here as well. Should we ask him for information?"


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