Bandaging Gonyaul (Part 1)

JP with Boyce and Gonyaul:

Gonyaul had a lively bounce in his step. He wanted to start dancing again to be honest. It was tempting, but he knew he shouldn’t. He made tabs with where Alexis and Boyce were; however, he hadn’t yet located Nicolaus.

He kept getting stopped by those that wanted to look at his marks. Kids that wanted to grab his long skirt and touch his hair. People that would look him in the face as if judging a work of art and making comments he didn’t understand. Gonyaul definitely felt like he was a sideshow attraction. But everyone seemed innocently curious and he didn’t pick up any ill intent.

He even got some looks from a few natives that made him blush. It seemed like forever since anyone, other than a drunk, ever looked at him in a desirable way. Scratch that, he jokingly believes there was a bee or two that really wanted him based on where he got stung.

Where was Nicolaus? He kept searching, but didn’t want to go away from the gathering. If he didn’t find him on one more pass around he would ask one of the others.

Boyce had been conversing with some of the worriers and eating he had found out about the Sun Festival and how most of the tribes migrate north to it and how they will share their fire with those who are traveling north with towards the festable. The people were so generous with food and drink trade was simple they would trade with him and give something of equal value.

Looking over Boyce could see Gonyaul looking around even back at the camp. What could he be looking for thought Boyce? looking around himself he could see most of the group. Boyce excused himself from the other worries. and walk over to Gonyaul walking beside him. "Gonyaul, did you lose something?" asked Boyce.

Gonyaul was glad Boyce had discerned he was in needed. And he was fortunate, because Boyce also had received instructions on how to do the bandages, having done them a time or two since their inception.

Gonyaul nodded, “sorry to bother.” He truly didn’t want to take anyone from the festivities if possible. He didn’t have to explain, he simply turned around and pointed to the red bandages on his back. He needed his wound to be cleaned up and fresh bandages applied.

looking at the bandages Boyce gave a light laugh "overdid it I think. Yes, I will do that for you may be the Ash Hoof people have some ointments to help the healing?" Boyce suggested.

Gonyaul thanked him and as luck would have it produced a balm he was given earlier.

“They gave me for it. Not sure what is or in it. But they know this land better than us.”

He extended the container to Boyce.

taking the container it was made of wood covered by a leather hide of an animal and tied off with twine. Taking off the cover Boyce smelled it. "this seems like good stuff." commented Boyce. "let's go over to are camp so I can pull more bandages out." said Boyce.

Gonyaul nodded and went with Boyce. Once there he laid down and assumed the position for Boyce to provide care.

“You have good time?” He said referring to the celebration.

"All of this is a fascinating experience. I saw what you did with Islana hair it looks great," replied Boyce. carefully taking the bandages off Boyce used a new cloth to clean the aera of the Gonyaul injuries.

Gonyaul smiled at the compliment. “Thank you.” Islana was in no need of adornment to look great, so it made his job easy.

Gonyaul held his tongue as the bandages were removed as it felt like taking sticky paper off due to the drying of the blood.

The Ashen Hoof were definitely fascinating. Gonyaul could see himself wanting to learn more about them. “You came to study them? Because you learning man?”

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