Malacost sat around the fire turning the small prairie dog he had hunted over the small fire. He cut a small piece checking the meat was fully cooked. Small droplets of grease fell on the fire making it sizzle. Voices and laughter from nearby camps carried over. Most was a foreign language he had never heard before. He saw the young assassin approach, tense as he walked across.

"This is Alcuin." Nicolaus introduced the man over his fire with a bandaged arm. "This here is Hunter. An associate of the Arbiter." He said and motion for Hunter to sit.

Hunter looked at Alcuin cooking. He sized him up like all he came across out of habit. Alcuin looked like he had faced death a few times by his appearance. Then Hunter spoke, “I see…… and what brings you out here Mr. Alcuin?” Hunter didn’t sit but patiently waited for an answer.

The man looked at Hunter. "Business. And you?" He asked taking a bite of the hot meat.

Hunter showed no expression as he looked at Alcuin. He knew something was off about the man. He was lacking the usual arrogant bravado most had around these parts as they were looking for money, power, fame and lust. In fact Alcuin reminded him of himself which irked him even more. However he just met the man so he decided not to pry as he replied, “I serve the Arbiter as her Incus.” Hunter watched Alcuin to see his reaction.

The man nodded and returned to his cooking.
"Alexis and Gonyaul have not returned." The Apothecary said, assuming the same to be true of Voah.
"You think we should talk to Markus?" He said a bit worried not knowing of expedition of this kind usually took longer than half a day. He could not imagine being underground for that long in the dirty and dust.

Hunter nodded at Nicolas as he replied, “It would be wise to side with caution. Shall we go?”

The Apothecary sighed concerned for the well being of his companions. He stood up. "We shall return momentarily master Alcuin. Please help yourself to some water if you wish." He offer.
The other man nodded and said. "Let me know if you need some help with your friends, Master Nicolaus." And went back to eating.


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