Communication Breakthrough

JP with Redsword, Zeeke, Winteroak and Cindy

The boy listened fascinated to the tune that Blackwolf was making with his lute. He sat close to Islana but did not regard the men with any suspicion as he had earlier in the day. As night fell the temperatures dropped a bit but still pleasant for a late Spring night. The sound of the babbling water dripping behind you was extremely soothing. The sky was clear of clouds and the firmament spun brightly above you. The boy looked at you all and pointed to your small fire. And after looked up and pointed at the stars, smiling.

Wolf stopped playing. He leaned forward and pointed at the fire. "Fire," he said, directing his attention to the boy. He repeated himself "Fire," seeing if the boy would repeat the word.

The boy looked at Blackwolf and his eyes brightened. He said the word fire in his language, smiling warmly.

Islana watched what Boyce did and followed the man's lead. She pointed at the stars and said "stars", then repeated it.

Name? Islana thought stars and fire were fine but probably learning the boys name would be a good next step.

The boy repeated the word for fire as Islana pointed to the stars and than proceed to point to the young woman's hair and repeated the same word. 'Fosia'. He smiled reaching out to touch her hair but stopping short.

Islana smiled at the boy. And nodded. "Yes, my hair looks like fire. Foisa."

It seemed like the general opinion, that her hair looked like fire.

When the boy reached out to touch her locks, the redhead was surprised he stopped short. She reached up and touched her own hair.

"It's alright, you can touch it." Islana bent her head down to see if the boy would touch it.

The young woman thought for a moment, "Is he saying the stars are like fires in the sky?"

That was a beautiful way to describe them.

Hesitantly, the boy reached out to touch Islana's hair. His eyes full of wonderment when he realised it didn't burn. He smiled brightly at the young huntress.

It never ever occured to Islana, until that moment, that anyone would think her hair was actually on fire. She though understood the boy's fascination with it.

Red hair wasn't that common anyplace she had been. At least the boy didn't think she was evil or cursed because of it, Islana knew there was also that possiblity.

The huntress actually had forgotten how unusual she seemed to some people because of Gonyaul. Her red hair and green eyes seemed not as usual as the way he looked to most people. The Ash Hooves, were a prime example of that. It had actually been a grateful thing as she usually didn't like the attention from a ton of people, but it had also caused her to forget that her looks might seem strange to some.

Her green eyes lit up, as she smiled back at the boy. There was nothing in her that could have stopped herself from helping this child.

Islana pointed at herself and said, "Islana,"

She then repeated her name. The young woman pointed at Boyce and said his name , then repeated it. Then did the same to Wim. She pointed at herself again and once again said her name. Then she pointed at the boy, seeing if maybe he would tell them his name.

The young man frowned at the strange words but slowly the realisation of what was being attempted struck him.

"Lana..." he tried to repeat before touching his own chest and saying "Kaithak..." He said smiling.

Islana smiled, "Well, Kaithak it's nice to meet you. "

She would call that a success. The redhead never expected the boy to be able to say her name, especially hearing it the first time. Actually, she assumed he would have an easier time with Wim's or Boyce's name. Lana was just fine with her.

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