Unexpected Arrival

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Elizabeth made her way from the meeting to the front hall. She was expecting, the egostical Elijah to be standing there however the one that she met was not the Captain's. "Greetings." Elizabeth actually couldn't hide her surprise. "Forgive me but I was expecting someone else. Are you a Captain Wayneright?"

Sung was behind her a few steps back, his hands clasped behind him. He had a smile that changed when he saw Captain Wayneright. Who was this standing there? Sung took a few steps closer to Lady Elizabeth in a nonthreatening manner but definitely seems to be ready for anything.

Masao rocked forward and gave a courteous bow. "I had expected as much." he said pulling out the letter that had been intended for Elijah. "I believe I was delivered this by mistake. Fair mistake, the young lad saw me leaving the Wayneright estate must have mistaken me for someone else." Masao explained, and gestured to his coat. "Thought it a kindness to come and rectify the error my Lady." he added, holding the neatly folded letter out to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth found this Wayneright to be more gracious than the one that had been expected. She opened and read the letter. "Curious..." though before explaining in more detail. "Well, good sir, you leave me at a disadvantage. You clearly know my name, but I do not know yours." While it would not have been obvious to anyone who did not know Elizabeth, certainly Mr. Sung could see the wheels turning in her head.

Masao looked around a moment. "I can tell you, but only if you can keep a secret." he said with a smirk, but it had a serious edge to his tone despite being playful. "I do mean it though. Needs to stay..." he did a locking motion on his lips and faked throwing the key. "Captain Masao Wayneright of the Horaizonkōru, Bastard son of Admiral Maximillian Wayneright, at your service."

"Secrets can be kept,." Elizabeth responded. "Please come with me." She led the man to one if the smaller sitting rooms near the front of the house. Once Maseo and Sung were in the room, she closed the door behind her. "Please take a seat." It was just an offer, not an order. "How much of this letter did you read?" Elizabeth asked Masao.

Sung stood in the back of the room but within arms reach of Lady Elizabeth. Sung was not being hostile just cautious. He would let Lady Elizabeth deal with this matter and how bad could it be.

Masao paused for a moment. "Most of it." he said. "Got a bit...wordy near the middle like who ever wrote it thinks their prose are ascendant art." he said. "If you are worried I'll tell someone something, my lips are sealed." Masao added. "Nothing to gain from it even if I were a gossip."

"Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The Order is a highly secretive organization. Which you now know about." Elizabeth paused. "I, unfortunately, do not make the rules about such things. Your choices at this point are limited. You can report to Baron Greenwood, and let me sum that up for you, he wrote that letter. Elijah, your half-brother, is a lot like the Baron. If that gives you any indication of how your meeting with him might go." Elizabeth explained. "There is another option, but I will need to ask you a few questions."

Sung got a small grin. "Or we plug the leak now, My Lady." commented Sung.

Masao put his hands up, "I suppose that answers my follow up question..." Masao said, giving a 'give up' smile before shrugging. "I suppose the latter choice offered by the Lady is my best option...ask away." Masao said.

"Just two. You said you're a Captain, would that be an air or water ship?" Elizabeth asked, "And any other skills I should be aware of?"

"A fine air ship." Masao answered. "I am well versed in Pistols, the cutlass, acrobatics and have dabbled in magic of the mind domain." Masao listed a short list of his skills. "Though I would not rely on my magic skills to do any sort of heavy lifting for anyone other than myself."

Elizabeth nodded. "Well, I feel I should explain to Mr. Sung that the letter did not give a first name for Captain Wayneright. Similar to how the message earlier did not give a first name. I do believe that the Baron's oversight can be our advantage." Elizabeth then turned back to Maseo. "Do you swear to, from this day forward, keep secret all that which pertains to the Order of the Moon?"

"Before I answer." Masao said "How will my crew factor into this?" he asked. "My lower crew won't ask questions, I point they go, but my inner circle. People who are my found family they won't ask deep questions but will at least want to know they can trust my judgement on where we are going at any given time." he pasused "If that makes sense. They won't question me I'm their Captain, but they will want to know they aren't sailing into a maelstrom."

"They will be, sworn to secrecy. They will not be allowed detailed information but will be allowed to know some details. You will be a member of my team, they will not. You can determine what they absolutely need to know." Elizabeth paused. "As a member of the team you will have to live here. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Will I be allowed to check in with my crew between missions?" Masao asked. "If need be to make sure I am not speaking of secrets Mr. Sung can accompany me."

"Of course," Elizabeth responded.

"Then you have my secrecy." Masao answered.

Sung gave a smile "I guess that means welcome to the team. This is a good thing I am too tired to get rid of anyone today" states Mr. Sung. "So, tea anyone?" commented Sung.

Elizabeth nodded at Maseo and smiled at Sung's comment. "I need to tell the Captain what the Order does. We are an organization under order of Queen Victoria who investigates and sometimes more things that are above the purview of other enforcement officials. That is the long version. The short version is we help secure Europe against things that most would not dare." Elizabeth excused herself for just a moment, returning with a large folder and a ring box. She put the folder off to the side, and opened the ring box. "Captain, you must wear this ring at all times." Elizabeth look for a moment at Maseo's ring finger, she then held the ring in the palm of her hand and said a few words in Latin. The ring expanded, then contracted, then expanded slightly. She handed the ring to Maseo. "It should fit but please let me know if it doesn't."

Masao wanted to make a joke about jewelry on a first date but thought better of it considering he didn't want to fight his way out of here. "Fair enough." he said putting on the ring, it fit just enough it could rotate if moved with his other finger but loose enough it wouldn't slip past the knuckle. "This isn't something I'd have to chop off my finger to get off even if I wanted to take if off is it." he asked looking at the ring.

"Not unless you spell it for that or want myself or Mr. Sung to." Elizabeth quipped. "No, I only sized it for you. " She motioned to the file. "That is the file of our current case, which you will have to get caught up on. We are currently in a break from a meeting. I would like to introduce you to the team, then you can stay at the meeting or do some reading. The choice is yours, but you will have to read the file either way."

Masao grabbed the file and started scanning. "I'll meet the team, the sooner the better." he commented but seemed draw his attention.

"Very good. After the meeting, we can arrange for you to get your things to bring back here." Elizabeth stated. "Then follow me."

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