Meeting of Minds (Part 3)

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Elizabeth led Maseo to the large sitting room and once everyone was seated and she had everyone's attention again, she said. "I would first like to introduce everyone to our newest team member. Captain Maseo Wayneright. " To make sure everyone understood. "This is not the Wayneright, I had expected but I feel the good Captain here will be an asset to the team."

Elizabeth them proceeded to introduce everyone, pointing them out as she went. "Captain Wayneright this is Miss Lagrave, Dr. Jackal, Miss Lavigne, Mr. Vor'Aster and Mr. Cronk. We do have an engineer, Miss Ipsum, she is currently at headquarters and you can meet her later."

Sung sat back in his chair and took a sip of his green tea. "Captain Maseo, I do look forward to working with you Sir. But not sure about the flying part," Commented Sung.

Dr. Jackal then asked, "With Captain Wayneright here does that mean some of us may be doing some traveling in the future?" Lily looked up from her writing and had a bit of concern as she imagined Big Red on a ship. She looked at Dr. Jackal and then at the others as she waited for an answer.

"It is part of working for the order," Elizabeth explained. "The things we need to investigate can be anywhere. So we can be sent anywhere."

Cronk’s face turned a greenish hue as he remembered the times he had flown or sailed. He definitely had legs and a stomach that likes to remain on the ground. He quickly took a swig of the whiskey to calm his stomach.

"I know some of you might be ... apprehensive regarding traveling, especially on an air ship. It will not be the only mode of transportation we use, but for those of you that have concerns, they can be addressed later in private. We will not be sent any place until we apprehend Lamaire. So there is time to address any concerns." Elizabeth’s addressed the apprehension in the room, as best she could, for the moment. She wasn't being dismissive but addressing individual concerns would take far too long, in the moment. The rest would have to wait. "Now, shall we move on to the next topic or does anyone have anything else to add or ask?"

Taking another sip of tea Sung smiled "Yes My Lady please continue. " suggested Sung.

He was not pushing or rude Sung just thought it would be good to move on with the meeting. There was probably many things to cover now.

"Then to the next topic," Elizabeth started. "There has been talk of possibly inflatrating the Children of The Sea. It seems like our best way to gain access to Lamaire and find out what the Children of the Sea are planning." She paused. "This has been discussed with Mr. Aster and he has agreed to be part of it. Considering they worship the Arundan, that seems like a logical course." Elizabeth looked at Vor. "Mr. Aster do you have anything to add to that?"

Vor nodded towards Elizabeth upon being addressed, letting him voice a concern with recent events.

“With Lamaire’s familiarity with the area, I have to question the possibility that he would know my face already. Is this something we should prepare for?”

"It is, though," Elizabeth seemed to think for a moment. "How good of an actor are you? We might be able to come up with a cover story. "

Here he smiled, confident in his abilities from a lifetime and culture of acting.
"With the right story, I could even make myself believe it. The only other question I had for the mission is whether I would be alone going in or would a few others join me?"

Elizabeth nodded, the Arundan were known for their ability in the arts, and from she knew that usually included multiple arts. "I was hoping that someone would join you." Elizabeth then, almost as if thinking outloud, went around the room, though she was partially doing it for the Captain's benefit, as he was new to the team. "Dr. Jackal's expertise is best suited to the lab, besides Lamaire has met him. Miss Lavigne has been almost kidnapped twice by them. Mr. Cronk has been seen by Lamaire. Obviously Doctor Lamaire knows about me, plus being an Eldren would leave me out, considering how much that group hates Eldren. And if Lamaire knows who I am, he likely knows about Mr. Sung, even if he does not, Miss Lavigne's butler does." Taking just a moment. "Which leaves two possibilities. Miss Lagrave, but, of course you might also be known and our newcomer Captain Wayneright. Unless, Mr. Sung feels he could also pull off an acting job." She paused to see if anyone had anything to add.

Sung thought about it some "If we have some time I could shave and wear my hair differently some coaching from Captain Wayneright about being a crew member and some old clothing maybe I could buy off the crew so I look like one of the crew. Maybe a dack hand? or something like that let me be seen around there working." suggested Sung.

"I would think, Mr. Sung, getting you some old clothes, would be easy. The rest will have to be worked out with the Captain. So there needs to be a plan and a cover story. Any suggestions?" Elizabeth asked

Masao lifted his head from the file "How would we go about getting him in and out unnoticed?" He asked. "I can supply a convincing disguise but Mr. Sung would need a convincing cover story. Something he could remember all the lies too."

Cronk scratched his chin, deep in thought. He thought about closing his eyes to visualize things, but then decided against it, remembering what had happened the last time he did this.

The more Cronk thought, the more his mind was empty of ideas. This is why he was a doer and not a planner. Cronk had very little practice in planning. Most of his actions while employed by Quinn were spur-of-the-moment happenings. Cronk needed little planning for those. Only action.

The idea of Sung needing a disguise made Vor think of a decent enough alibi, though to craft it would take a bit of time.

“His story could as simple as a fisherman hearing about the cult, yes? Based on our talk earlier you had witnessed sailors being aware of their actions and the docks seems to be an active area for them.”

"My past has some ah... dark times I could use as well. I could use as a deception. That way I have many layers" Suggested Sung. "Captain, do you have a personal chef?" asked Sung. "That's an easy one for me to be. I would say personal assistant or steward but too close to home," said Sung thinking.

"Well even if I don't I think it is better to change my look for now. As for a way out a trunk could work. I am sure Cronk could lift me in a trunk" suggested Sung.

Masao shrugged "I do but it's not common knowledge so the deception would work if played correctly." Masao paused. "Best to get this on the table now..." He worked his jaw a bit "I am not exactly what one would consider a reputable person, my sailing ventures aren't strictly 'legal'. Some would consider me a pirate but I find the word dirty. I do not kill and I do not take from those whom have nothing only from people with far far too much and believe themselves above the consequences of using the wealth to harm others. That said I will not take from you Lazy Elizabeth or anyone here. Despite the title others would give I do not have sticky fingers."

Dr. Jackal was curious but was in debate on whether to bring up the topic. However seeing Masao before him being honest had felt he needed to ask. Dr. Jackal asked, "I know I am probably treading on egg shells here but Captain Masao...... we have heard some interesting rumors of the other Captain Wayneright and I am concerned if he will be an issue down the road?" Lily raised an eyebow as she looked up at everyone before going back to writting.

Masao shrugged again. "Hard telling." He said "He's pretty strictly steadfast in his adherence to the rules so if this Order is operating itself under legality probably not, might get in my way personally however. The man hates me. Feeling isn't mutual though I won't cause any waves purposely at any rate."

Before anyone could speak again Masao added "If he does get in the way I just ask for nobody to kill him." He said "His mother would never forgive me."

"We try to stick to killing only when out choices are limited to such." Elizabeth stated. "I have met the other Captain Wayneright - Elijah and while he has a tendency to be , how shall I say, a bit full of himself. I have not noticed any behavior that would warrant killing." Said as politely, as if Elizabeth was discussing the weather. "And Captain Wayneright I do appreciate your honesty. " Elizabeth maneuvered the topic back to Sung's possible undercover work. "Mr. Sung using your past is good. A correct job that allows you to speak to dock or other ship workers is critical to finding out information."

"Yes, My Lady it is," replied Sung. "Captain Wayneright's reputation will work for what I need also I could use my Japanese name Kyu-Satori which has its own reputation and fits with what Captain Wayneright described. If he is willing to take on another crew member," suggested Sung. "I should work a few days at least so the crew and others see me. his excuse is that he got me from his brother's crew as a personal chef or cook," explained Sung.

"We still need to also work in Mr. Aster." She turned to Vor. "Arundas are known for their excellent diving skills. Perhaps you could do that. Be a diver, for the Captain's crew, as your cover story." Elizabeth them addressed Maseo. "Do you do treasure dives?"

"If the rumor suggests it worth the effort." Masao said. "Those are often rare but too much so to have members of the crew whom specialize in diving. Though I would not suggest adding my half-brother to the equation. If word finds him that I was connecting the two of us our plan would do up like kindling. A better suggestion if I may. Not every member of my crew is known you could have signed on during a stop elsewhere. I don't wish to tell you your business but as I stated before the blood between Elijah and I is not exactly good. If we parade me around flaunting the name Wayneright he will become an issue.

"I agree to not have any of this linked to your brother, Captain." Elizabeth stated. "Mr. Sung it might be best if you were just hired along the way and it's not linked at all to Elijah." Elizabeth thought for a moment. "Captain Wayneright do you trust your crew explicitly. If something comes out about this, to you trust them to keep it a secret, if they are sworn to do so."

Sung thought a moment "I do not know if that is needed I do not plan on having to say anything to the crew about why I am there. If any crew is a part of the Children of the Sea I will deal with that. That will make it easier to infiltrate them as well." said Sung. "If the whole crew does get involved then I did not do my job well," commented Sung.

"Well, that covers Mr. Sung. Mr. Aster does that cover you as well?" Elizabeth asked the Arundan.

Vor nodded, wanting to avoid any conflict.

"With how secretive the cult is, playing the part I would assume include not drawing unnecessary attention. As for being hired as a diver, I am quite fond of them and would make sense given my races particular affinity."

"It seems like then, as long as the Captain is in agreement we have a plan." Elizabeth stated

Masao stood and walked over to Sung and extended a hand, and shook Sung's by grabbing the wrist instead, the approached Vor doing the same. "Welcome aboard the crew of the Horaizonkōru." Masao said, "But looked over them "You'll need some more fitting attire however."

"Any expenses will be taken care of. So perhaps after the meeting we can send the three of you to get what you might need. Just be vigilant." Elizabeth wasn't really sure if that was the best option but couldn't think of a better one.

Sung gave a grin "So, a three-peace suit is not good enough?" joked Sung. He had an idea he could go with some older clothing he had for the docks earlier that he had a white sweat stand shirt. Worn-down brown canvas pants with some patches and black low boots now brown from wear. a wool long coat. but with the background, he could take a sword with not many questions being raised. "I do have some old clothing that should work. just say you hired me from the street I was a vendor selling food on the street. like the food so gave me an offer I could not refuse. How does that sound Captain?"

"I think also I need to hide my upper and proper English so I need to probably speak more Japanese while on the ship," added Sung.

"I believe I can trust Captain Wayneright, Mr. Sung and Mr. Aster to work out the details. You should probably begin tomorrow morning as Captain Wayneright needs to finish reading the file regarding the case, and cannot take it with him. And you will need to get anything you need and plan details." Elizabeth paused. "Now, for the rest of us. Miss Lagrave I assume you are still following up on possible leads, I will leave you to that." She turned to each person as they were addressed. "I will be continuing the book research that Mr. Aster was doing. Mr Cronk, you will be accompanying me on that task, as my guard. I believe it might only be a matter of time before the Children of the Sea, attempt an attack on me, know that Lamaire knows I have something to do with the investigation." She paused. "Doctor Jackal, I should be able to get the body transported to you tomorrow. And Miss Lavigne just go about your duties as usual. We will all need copies of the meeting but hold off until - there is something being delivered that should make it easier. Wait until it arrives to make the copies." Elizabeth thought for a moment. "I believe that is everything I had to cover. Did anyone have anything to ask or add?"

Sung sat quietly waiting for the meeting to end and be dismissed.

Dr. Jackal nodded as he replied, "Understood." Lily nodded as she replied, "Yes Lady Elizabeth. I am still expecting the cupboard for the mail room as well."

Vor couldn’t think of anything to add, already wrapped in the details of this mission, nodding with the others.

Cronk was relieved when Lady Elizabeth clarified his duty was to protect her. He was beginning to worry that he would be asked to read something to find clues or information. Cronk was much better at hearing information than he was reading to find it.

“Ta!” Cronk responded, his time in Ireland coming through in the affirmative. “When leave?” he asked.

"We will leave for headquarters in about an hour." Elizabeth responded to Cronk. When Sasha had nothing to add, it seemed like a good place to end the meeting. Elizabeth declared such, "That is it then. Meeting dismissed."

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