A Toxic Favor

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Sasha had remained at the table going back over something in the book she'd sat out. "Docteur?" she said not looking up but hoping to get his attention. "I realize you are a very busy man but might I poke your brain with a few questions?" Sasha said eyes still glued to her papers.

Dr. Jackal sipped his coffee and thanked the maid as she gave him and Lily a tray of Petit fours, which are bit sized decorated cakes. He let Lily serve herself as he replied to Sasha, “Of course Ms. Lagrave. I seem to have some time available before our next meeting. How can I help you?” Once Lily served herself, the good doctor took a few Petit fours on his plate and ate one before sipping his coffee again.

"What do you know of metallurgy?" she asked, "I am currently working on a plan to help our situation but devolvement might be come a issue. I realize our resident engineer my have a deeper understanding, she is currently not here and delving to far into an idea with wrong information will just set me back more time."

Dr. Jackal swallowed his cake bite and washed it down with his coffee. Then he replied, “You are correct in that Ms. Ipsum’s knowledge on this subject exceeds mine, however I am familiar with the basics since I needed specific tools and machinery to do my experiments. Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are known as alloys. Metallurgy encompasses both the science and the technology of metals; that is, the way in which science is applied to the production of metals, and the engineering of metal components used in products for both consumers and manufacturers. In the end it all comes down to what you plan to use the metals for.”

"Should have expected a lecture." Sasha thought silently. "Then I will ask her when she arrives. My next question, do you know of anything your friend is weak to?" Sasha looked at him a moment. "Only a formality, but regardless of if these other creatures do not have the same blood I can work backwards and find the best way to handle them." Sasha explained. "Well in theory I can."

Dr. Jackal replied, “ My friend? Are you referring to Dr. Lemaire or his test subjects?”

Sasha looked around to make sure they were alone. "No, Red." she explained. "Your destructive side."

Dr. Jackal was taken back as realized Sasha was referring to Big Red, his other demonic personality. He replied, “Ohhhhhh that guy.” Dr. Jackal rubbed his eyes and temples as he knew where this was going. He was basically telling Sasha how to kill his demonic form if needed. It was a twisted topic no matter how he looked at it. After a sigh he replied, “Well I know what doesn’t work so far.” Lily caught on to the conversation and paused in mid bite as looked at Dr. Jackal and Sasha. Dr. Jackal replied, “Big Red has been crushed by heavy stones, shot by guns, poisoned, set on fire, hit by melee weapons and landed unharmed from big jumps. His regeneration is terrifying in all cases. However I don’t recall how magic affects him. Perhaps we could test it on a rat under the serum? So are we looking at a spell or a relic?”

"Neither." Sasha said, "And my apologies, I wasn't intending to direct the comment at you specifically." she noted, "I just realize that despite the key and clear differences between you're transformation and the one's seen on serum victims a few key similarities do make themselves rather known. But I am working on theory still, and doing my best to integrate that with information from other beasts I have fought." Sasha sighed. "But this is almost entirely new. I've never fought something like them before. Speaking frankly I believe Lady Elizabeth and Baron Greenwood to have been blowing this situation up. Taking what I believed to be an unprepared team as being killed by a force of nature, I know now I was incorrect in that assumption." she rubbed a temple.

"Unrelated but what do you know about poisons?"

Dr. Jackal replied, “Well in that aspect there is a clear difference. Big Red seems to be highly resistant to toxins while Lemaire’s experiments are not. The serum that gives them amazing powers is also killing them. At best they can only survive up to an hour at best. Adding more poison could reduce their life span but the risk is high trying it infect them while avoiding their attacks and not being exposed to the poison as well. As for the poison strong enough to help, we are talking extremely deadly in small doses. It would be dangerous if you or your allies were exposed to it. However since the experiments are merely fighting in a berserk mentality we could explore the option of a weapon that inflicts large damage to the brain such as a high powered crossbow or firearm.”

Sasha shook her head, "The poison topic is unrelated to the experiments. Call it a side project." she said. "I..." she trailed off. "Best not involve you two more then needed." he said. "Could you come up with a quick acting very painful poison?" she asked him, "I'm sure you could but would you. I only need a little."

Dr. Jackal nodded as he replied, “Of course I can. However I will need to know what preferred symptoms you desire in order to make it properly and the dosage will be based on a person’s weight.”

"Death, near instant if possible. Symptoms don't much matter. And let's say 136 Kilo." Sasha said, "That is likely over doing it but it's less about being subtle and more about sending a message."

Lily seemed concerned about the conversation going on before her. Dr. Jackal seemed very calm as replied, “Well there are easily twenty choices that come to mind. Depending on the availability of ingredients I can easily accommodate you. The other question is the form you want it in such as liquid, pills, powder, paste or gas?”

Sasha noticed Lily stiffen for a moment. "Do not worry, it's not for anyone we know." Sasha said. "I just want to send a message." She added. Turning back to the doctor, she reached in her coat and took out what looked like a metal cigarette case. Opening it revealed six shiny metal darts about as thick as the reservoir of a fountain pen but only about 7 cm long. "Liquid would be best, but paste in a pinch I suppose could be rubbed on the tip if the poison is strong enough." she snapped the case closed.

Dr. Jackal did his best to memorize the design of the darts before Sasha closed the case. He ran a few options in his head before he sipped his coffee and swallowed it. Lily seemed a bit relieved after Sasha explained herself. Then Lily ate another bite sized cake as she watched the good doctor ponder his thoughts. Dr. Jackal then looked at Sasha and replied, “I can make a paste and liquid version to give you more options Ms. Lagrave. However due to the level of potency of the toxins, I suggest a proper way to handle it since it can be absorbed through the skin. For the liquid version I recommend using a syringe and rubber gloves to load the darts. The paste would be in a container so it’s easier to work with but I do recommend using rubber gloves as well. I will need a day to make it but make sure no one else handles it. The last thing we need is a maid getting poisoned while cleaning your room.”

Sasha's eyes shown a visual frown. "I'll have to come up with an alternative then, I needed it by tonight. Sorry to bother you with it." she said, Sasha gave a small bow. "I will speak with you both later." she said, gathering her things to go.

Dr. Jack then sighed as he saw that Sasha wanted quicker results. So he offered her an alternative as he spoke, “Well if you need it now we can go with over the counter rat poison. If I make a concentrated solution and paste it could do the trick,”

Sasha stopped. "If it is okay I will grab it later today." She said "But I need to prepare other things for my plans, thank you Docteur." She said heading out the door.

Dr. Jackal replied, "I'll get right on it." Then he finished his coffee and bid farewell to Lily before heading to his lab to make the poison for Sasha. Lily excused herself as she headed off to do her chores for Lady Elizabeth.


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