After leaving the first meeting Lily made her way to the mail room while Dr. Jackal made his way to the kitchen to ask a maid for a few boxes of rat poison. The maid gave him a very concerned look while under the impression there were rats in the house. Dr. Jackal then had to explain to her it was for an experiment and they didn't have to worry about any rat infestation. The relieved maid then left to fetch a few containers of rat poison and reminded the good doctor that it was very dangerous stuff.

Dr. Jackal humored the maid since it was best to stay on their good side. However he found it ironic that a maid was lecturing him of all people on the dangers of science. So after getting the rat poison he made his way to the lab and then collected his martials and safety items since the fumes would be toxic. So he set up the Bunsen burner to boil a bowl of watered down rat poison along with some other ingredients in a venting hood to suck out the toxic smoke from the lab. Then as he waited for the poison to come to a boil, the good doctor then prepared the containers for Sasha to transport the poison when he finished it. Since rat poison contained a lethal dose of strychnine and red squill, the good doctor made a concentrated dose for Sasha to take down a human being with ease. Then after some adjusting, Dr. Jackal managed to make a brown poison serum and a brown paste which were put in glass containers with a lid for safety. Once he was done he cleaned the lab and made his way back to the house to give Sasha her poison and for the second meeting.

Lily on the other hand made her way to the mail room and saw that the mail did come in but they were still waiting on the cupboard to arrive. Seeing as she was in the mood for some music she put on a record and listened to it before she looked at the pile of new mail.


Lily then began to sort out the mail into the proper baskets so she could properly respond to them later after the next meeting. It took a bit of time as she had to sort the mail by person and level of importance. This was a mundane and tedious job but she knew the level of importance it held since this was part of the standing of Lady Elizabeth. Regardless of the level of repetition she needed to keep this place organized in order to train the future secretaries to replace her. Lily knew this was only a temporary job and most of it was pending her father's rescue. Then after she saw the time she looked to see if the good doctor had come back and waited a bit till he showed up and she escorted him to the meeting room.


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