Becoming Spies

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Sung had left the meeting and gone to his room and changed into the clothing he had. Grabbed a canvas bag from the servant's hall area placing a few other things he might need. shaved his beard off.

Sung walked downstairs, seeing the Captain, Sung smiled. "Kyaputen de no repōto" (Reporting in Captain) said Sung in Japanese. Sung was wearing a white sweat stand shirt. Worn-down brown canvas pants with some patches and black low boots now brown from wearing a wool long coat.

Vor nodded as he went to return to his room.

"I will need a few items before we depart, though the clothes will be much appreciated."

Said items were gathered in haste, mostly supplies to take notes. He had considered bringing his research in case it would help his story, but thought against it in case it rose too much suspicion. He honestly wasn't sure what he could expect, avoiding such shady situations in the past. With a satchel ready, he rejoined Masao and Sung.

Masao stood near the front door playing with his Kendama idly. "Are you gentleman ready to go?" Masao put his toy away and ready to set out. "Once we set on my ship I am in charge, let me indrocuce you before you speak. Is that fair?" he asked.

Sung smiled "Anata ga, Kyaputen" (You are, Captain) replied Sung. "Sōdesu ka?" (Is Sir right?) asked Sung.

"Please call me Captain, not Sir." Masao said. "And English is fine, frankly my Japanese is a bit out of practice. I left home young and have been using the English tongue for longer than Japanese." he said. Masao had put together what Sung had said but he was rusty.

"Yes Captain" replied Sung. Sung was just staring at Masao for a moment thinking. "I would like you to understand. You are the Captian of this ship and I would never challenge you on that. With Lady Elizabeth, we are all of the same rank for the most part and have our part to play on the team. I might have some more influence than most because of my position and knowledge of My Lady and where I stand with the Duke Lady Elizabeth's father. I will follow your Commands on this ship. as long as it does not affect Lady Elizabeth." explained Sung his tone a military one showing his experience.

Sung looked back at Mr Vor. "Do you agree Mr. Vor," asked Sung almost not asking more like a statement.

Waiting for the Captain for what was next.

Vor nodded in agreement, though didn’t add anything else. He was the last person to challenge a ship Captain.

“After one more thing, I will be ready. My research needs to be brought to Elizabeth, as she stated her intent on continuing it. Nearly forgot in my preparations.”

He was lucky in spotting one of the house servants near them, asking them to take his notes from his room to Elizabeth.

Masao nodded once the two were ready and lead them out onto the streets. "We will need to walk at least halfway." he said, looking at the two men. "Childern of the Sea could be anywhere, need to let them see you with me." he said. "Bolster the illusion." he gave a wave of his hand.

Sung knew it was time to start the new act and job. Sung knew the Captain had been around longer than a day. "Yes captain" replied Sung. As he stepped out and got his bag. Sung glanced around this area was not too bad but he would not want to sleep here on the street either. Sung was excited about this experience the last time he was on a ship it was not too bad. Sung thinking. "You know Captain you could have Children of the Sea on your ship," commented Sung walking.

"If I do it'd be news to me." Masao said in a low tone. "But you will need to keep that in mind I suppose, I know most of my crew to a fair degree, but my inner crew I can assure you that they are not." he said, "You'll meet my first mate first." he added, "Working with him as much as me while on the ship." Masao told the two.

"I see. it is good that you know your crew that well, Captain," replied Sung also in a low tone.

"I could always know them better but its a fair few to keep track of." he stated.

Eventually they made their way outside of town to a large field. Smattered with a few air ships. Some landed on the ground, some floated and moored via anchors. People in identical clothing moved about the 'land dock'.

Approaching a small shack with a few vehicles parked beside it Masao wave over to a rather largely muscled man with an impressive mustache.

"Masao dear boy. You be needing a ride back to your ship?" the man asked.

"If you got the time it'd be appreciated." Masao answered.

Walking with Vor and Masao. Sung was quiet for a moment "I hope I am not overstepping. Something my father told me and has helped me in command." Sung explained his tone was respectful but one of experience.

"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death. " quoted Sung. "That is Sun Tzu’s Take on Family or command." further explained.

Vor was intrigued to hear this from Sung. Writings of war were scarce in his own history and he had heard the lands of Japan and China were filled with them.

“Mr. Sung, might I ask who this Sun Tzu is? I have yet to reach the eastern lands in my studies, so their figures are still a mystery to me.”

"Sun Tzu, was a Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher, and writer who lived during the Eastern Zhou period of 771 to 256 BCE," said Sung. Then Sung looked at Vor "I have a copy of Art Of War in Chinese and Japanese if you would like to borrow one." added Sung.

Vor agreed to the offer quickly, not wanting to miss the opportunity.

“I would be most grateful for it. Would be a good training session once we are done, I haven’t had much time to practice the language.”

""It is translated from the old Chinese to the modern Chinese and Japanese. I do think it is best to read in Chinese over the Japanese both are translated accurately," informed Sung.

Sung looked at some dark fields as they walk. They were getting close to the Airship field He was ever so aware of any movement or being watched as they walk. Taking any cues from Captain's movements or reactions. Sung did not want to be surprised near the Airship field "Captain what about you? I think every officer should read Sun Tzu's writings."

Masao nodded "The man who was my captain before I struck out on my own made me read it." Tuning around and walking backwards for a moment to remain looking laid back, but was secretly to get a full circle view. "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Masao quoted.

Sung got a big smile "Very good Captain" replied Sung. “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. This is another good quote," said Sung As they were lit up by a lamp as they walk under it. He could see the Airship field in the distance. " It appears this will be a good night so far. It looks as if the pickpockets and thieves are not busy tonight. It could be my ugly looks" said Sung with a sly smile.

At their current distance the ship looked like any other but it slowly began to loom over head. The massive ship named Horaizonkōru. "Gentlemen." Masao spread out his arms "Meet the Horaizonkōru." he said. The larger then life ship sat in the field landed, lights filled many of the windows high off the ground. Despite being shaped like a ship its architecture looked like that of a mansion. The strangest edition was a large globe like observation deck that now sat low to the ground though it was unlit at the moment. "We'll board and see who's around. It's late enough many are likely to be out having a drink. I wasn't expected back till tomorrow anyway."

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