First Contact with The Children PT2

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Vor considered how quickly, and how well, this seemed to be going. Either their fanatic faith in his people was that strong or there was for sure a trap waiting. He almost considered backing down but knew this was too good a chance to miss. It was time to do his part outside of a library. Vor masked this doubt with a look of imperial consideration like he was measuring the man before him. When he spoke, it sounded slightly bothered, as if grand plans had been moved around to make time for this meeting. “Pou póte?” (When, where?)

Sung saw things were going well so far with their body language. With no one around really there was no trap this seemed to go very well. Sung hoped that Vor got some more information out of this man and something else to go on. Sung finally could see the man walking up on the path Sung turned slightly into a shadow. It was Nikolay a Russian he had met before the last Dock fight. Sung thought this was not a good time to be seen. Sung skillfully used the shadow to hide his face partly. Sung could tell Nikolay took note of the men but ignored them as he walked by on the path.

"4 PM tomorrow." Huron proceeded to give the address. "Ask for a man by the name of Staniadis. I will let him know you are coming." People started to walk by. One, a human man in a long coat with dark curly hair, stood off to the side and nodded at Huron when he saw him. "I must go now," Huron said with an apologetic tone before he hurried off towards the other man. It almost seemed like a child who had gotten in trouble for staying out too late.

Sung made as many visual notes of the two men as they walked off. Sung walks up next to Vor after the two men walk off. "It looked like it went well, Vor. Did you get any information out of him?" asked Sung knowing Vor must have got some lead out of the man.

“A location. They want me to meet at the temple here in Paris at 4 pm. Not sure about the interaction he had with his friend.” Thinking over the whole event, he thanked Mitera for their fortune. Being this close to Sung though, he can’t help a feeling of inspiration coming over him. Something about the usually impeccably dressed Sung was different from the one here and it made him want to inquire about a portrait. Regrettably, he had to focus on the task at hand. “Also a name. Staniadis. Not sure if it’s a code name or if we could locate them beforehand.”

"I have heard that name before. It looks like we are walking the correct path. and the connections are making sense now." commented Sung his voice was calm and steady. He just stood next to Vor for a moment. and was in thought. "Would you like to go back inside now?" asked Sung.

Masao said and waited for the two men to return. Ordering a bottle of Soju in place of Sake. They'd have a few drinks then go meet the crew they'd need to in order to make the lie convincing.

Walking back in Song spotted Masao quickly. Song instinctively surveyed the room for anyone who might make trouble. Song got a smile looking at the bottle of Soju something Song does not get often. "Vor" Song said turning his head toward Vor. "You have to try one shot of Soju at least with me" commented Song as he walked towards the table and crew.

"Better hurry to catch up Sung," Masao said taking a shot. "Or we'll run out before you get back in your seat."

Sung made his way over he did not bump into one person on his way over. Gracefully maneuvering threw the crowd. Sung dropped into an open chair. "I can not refuse that request," said Sung with a larger-than-life smile. "And this must be the crew Captain?" inquired Sung his tone almost millitry-like. It sounds like an experience he has lived.

Before answering Masao said "Kanpai!" and every at the table besides Yui, whom they'd already met took a shot of soju. "That is correct," Masao said. Everyone but again Yui seemed to dress like the captain, at least as far as coats went. The styles were slightly different but just at a glance you could easily tell his coat inspired theirs despite them adding a flair of their own.

"You already know Yui," Masao said pointing to the woman in pink. Next, he pointed to a stoic fully Japanese man with a long ponytail and wearing a blue coat "Ritsu. First Mate." A woman in a yellow coat and long hair was next "Rin. Master Gunner." Followed by a with blonde hair and a green coat "Banri. Surgeon." Lastly was a man in a purple coat. "Jiro. Navigator." "We just missed Pierre, we'll talk to him once we get back on the ship." Masao looked at Sung and gave him a remain calm look. "I've filled them in on the details of why you are here, they will act as though you are 'new' but not recent to joining our crew."

The three returned to the ship, a figure sat up on the grass in a chair with a small table next to him periodically illuminated by the cherry of a cigarette. He seemed to notice their approach. Giving a wave "Bonne Soirée." he called, as he sat down his wine glass. "Et qui sont ces braves gens?" (And who are these fine people?)

"Pierre, this is Ritikiós" Masao cocked a thumb at Vor, "and this is Kyu-Satori" he cocked a thumb at at Sung.

"A pleasure to meet you, gentlemen," Pierre said, his S's sounding like Z's. "Are they joining ze crew?" he asked.

"For the time being yes," Masao said.

With a bow "Yes Captain." replied Sung. going to his stuff he went through the bag he had and tossed Vor a pocket watch. "Ritsu, Carry this pocket watch with you tomorrow. It has an encryption of a symbol of the people we are meeting with," explained Sung in a low voice.

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