A Brief Report

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After Cronk left and Elizabeth had enough time to get a cup of tea, she had Harold get a servant to fetch Sasha.

Elizabeth had been woken by Harold, early this morning, telling her that Sasha had returned but was injured. Ribs. The Eldren had healed the woman but would guess she was still sore today. Not unlike, Elizabeth herself after what happened yesterday and not having a lot of time to rest.

Elizabeth had not asked Sasha what had occurred or what she had been doing, last night but certainly wanted to find out now. The Eldren sat back a little and sipped her tea as she awaited the other woman.

It was a bit longer then Elizabeth expected but there was eventually a small knock on the door before Sasha entered. Underdressed from her normal attire. Only sporting a dress shirt and pants along with her usual mask. Missing her coat and armor as well as her hat leaving her hair a slight mess. She had one hand clutching her left ribs as she eased into a chair. "Forgive me for not bowing." she let out a breath as she settled into her seat.

"It is very understandable." Elizabeth responded. "I hope this meeting will be brief. So you can rest more. I just need to know what you were doing last night."

Sasha thought a moment on how to begin. "Would you like the long version or the short?" she asked before beginning not wanting to waste Lady Elizabeth's time with what Sasha saw as nothing of importance.

"Short will be fine for now," Elizabeth answered, really she just needed to know in case something got back to the Baron and she got asked. "If I need a longer version I will have you write a report."

Sasha gave a slight nod. "Understood. I took out a bit of insurance that the family under your current care would be safe once they had to return home, and that their home would be safe while unoccupied. However one individual acted counter to their dossier, and was slightly injured as a result. In cleaning up after my self imposed mission it is possible I exacerbated the injuries."

"I see," Elizabeth replied. "Well, I think a report is not necessary for that. I will just write down what you told me. If you feel the need to write anything more detailed, feel free to do so, but it's not something needed." She paused. "Thank you for securing their home."

Elizabeth didn’t really have anything else. "That was all I needed, thank you for your time. You're dismissed."

Sasha nodded, "I am going to rest a while. If I am needed please make sure who you send knocks." she said "Have a pleasant day Lady Elizabeth." she tipped her head slightly before leaving.

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