A Night Visitor

JP with Redsword, Lorem, Jaxx, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

May 12
2:30 AM

Sung had found a late-night carriage as he walked back to the house. Sung thought it best to give a report in person and give Sung a chance to see over the surrounding area. Sung thought if someone was waiting at the house Sung would find them.

Telling the carriage driver to let him out at the start of the road the house and other houses were on. Waiting for the carriage to be out of sight Sung started to walk down the road to one side checking the area as he went.

The large three-story French Victorian 35-room house sat on a hill. The driveway was long and windy. The servant's quarters by the kitchen are attached to the back of the house, on the same side as the driveway.
The buildings outback of the house stand alone. One of them is Dr. Jackal's Lab. Of the two servant cottages, one cottage has Clement's family currently living there. In the other cottage husband and wife are the groundkeepers. The stables are set back a little further to the side next to the driveway. Lorem's shop and carriage house is another building located beside the stables.

There is a stone fence on either side of the backyard, bushes, and trees. There are a lot of trees that cover the left side of the grounds Where the driveway enters the back area is a gate, which is locked at night. The grounds are vast and take up the hill that the house sits on.

Sung approached the house and walked around the fence line looking around. There were a few outdoor lamps on. They are like street oil lamps giving light around the buildings. it was quiet the only sounds were dogs that barked now and then in the distance and the insects chirping in the early morning. Sung stopped standing in the shadow. He pulled out his pocket watch and checked the time at 2:30 AM. To Sung's disappointment, there was no one around he would have liked to ketch someone and tie them up add a nice bow, and sit them on the porch to be found the next morning.

Sung gave one last look and then started his way to the main house. Sung intended to test and see how to get into it without anyone knowing. With the team home, He knew it could be dangerous but still needed to be done.

walking up to the stone fence near the trees on the left side of the house he looked around then jumped up and landed on the stone fence only his clothing made any sound at all. Sung looked closely at the ground on the other side and jumped down onto the nearby bunch then rolled to the ground then finished in a crouched position of a shadow between two lamps.

Sung did not move and just listened to everything around him to make sure no movement or people might be up late at night or early morning.

Everyone was asleep in the stately manor, and surrounding grounds. Well, almost everyone.

Elizabeth had gone to bed about thirty minutes or so ago. To say the leader of the team had things on her mind would have been an understatement. She was concerned with the growing damger to the team. A good deal of her concern was focused on Sung, Vor and Maseo. Sung could take down most. Vor, she was fairly certain was not a fighter. Maseo was an unknown. Being they were undercover, she just had to wait on word. It was difficult to do that. And the one person, Elizabeth would most likely confide in was part of the undercover group.

Harold knew this, despite Elizabeth never actually telling him. So, when she stayed up, so did he. He wanted her to know, if she needed an ear he was there. Plus, he did manage to convince her that sleep was likely useful.

So, while Elizabeth had gone to her room, Harold was still awake finishing a few things. Including a letter to his sister. Nothing breaking any oaths, his sister just thought that the Ellingtons were like any other family that hired servants.

He had stepped outside to get a breath of the crisp early morning air, when there seemed to be a figure between two lamps. Maybe, it was an animal, or his eyes playing tricks on him.

A stray cat jumped out of a tree and upfront of Sung, letting out a loud "OWWWW!"

Lorem jerked awake, startled, at the sound of the caterwauling feline outside. She was still dressed in her work clothes even though she was in bed. She had fallen asleep while reading the first of two books Lady Elizabeth had left out for her at the library regarding scientific studies done on magic.

With all the talk of security, she thought it best to have a look. Lorem crawled over some spare parts that occupied her small bed like stuffed animals would a young child’s crib. She then pulled out her personal hand cannon, loaded it, and opened the door to her workshop to have a look outside.

Before she opened the door she made sure any lights inside the workshop were turned off. One so that the light wouldn’t spill across the ground outside alerting people to her presence, and also so that her eyes would already be adjusted to the darkness. She took a deep breath to try and help calm her nerves and glanced about; hoping it was nothing but a solitary cat being a noisy nuisance.

Sung realized that the cat was a problem. With his awareness of people near him. Nothing really threatening was coming his way. Still, Sung's plan was going to be ruined by a cat. Normally most would wave a hand shooing the cat. Sung knew better he moved his hand side to side not up and down with little movement.

The cat growled at Sung and bolted running through the bushes. At the same time using the cat as a distraction Sung rolled back to the right ending at the side of the house and out of direct eyesight. So that anyone at the back of the house could not see Sung, He made little sound moving. It could be mistaken for an animal. Sung froze in his position still close to the ground. He could see someone in the shadow of a doorway as a door opened. The outside lamps out lind them or she thought Sung Miss Ipsum would be a problem if she shot some hand cannon at him.

Sung had no weapons on him he picked up a few stones from the ground slowly he would just have to wait. One thing Sung thought was not as easy as he thought it would be getting in.

Harold wondered if the loud cat had possibly woken a few of the residents up. Possibly, Lorem because of that amazed Gnome hearing.

The butler's head tilted upward, he didn't pay attention to the second floor but Elizabeth's light was on.

Elizabeth had gotten ready for bed, but sleep eluded her. Cracking open a window, the coolness of morning enveloped her lungs. She had instead decided to read up on the research Vor had left her. The books were mostly in Greek so going between the Greek-English dictionary back to the Greek book was time consuming. Still, being engrossed in the research led the Eldren to jump upon the sound of the cat.

Her eyes glanced out her window and she spotted a figure over by Lorem’s shop, upon second look it was Lorem. Not surprisingly the cat had likely woken up the Gnome.

The blue eyes wandered some more but the cat growling and running off momentarily distracted her. Enough that she missed Sung.

Elizabeth didn’t have clothes that one could just toss on, so she put on a house coat, and some boots and headed downstairs. Better to be safe than sorry.

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