Help Me, Help You

JP with Redsword, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

May 13, 1889
Tunnels under Paris

Seeing that the Orc was no threat Sung rushed forward through the doorway Lamaire escaped. Sensing Jackal's and Lily's Sung wasted no time going in that direction almost at full speed. Sung spun his sword to be reversed in his hand making the blade face behind him. Sweat started down the sides of Sung's face as the stress focusing his KI was getting to him. Sung changed his breathing to compensate for the stress. His muscles were starting to tighten. Sung would push through his body's fatigue. Like he has done so many times on the battlefield.

Sung stopped in front of a door and focused for a minute to see if this was where he could sense Jackal and Lily.

It wasn't the right door, but Sung could sense Lily and Jackal are very close. From about four doors down the tunnel, Lamaire and another man come out and run down the hallway.

With the bells still going off, people are now moving in every direction. A bunch of people start to block Sung's path. They are, obviously, just trying to get out of there.

Sung wanted to go after Lemaire. Anger grew in him at the fact he could not. Sung could not chase Lemaire Lily and Jackal's safety had to come first. He let out a breath of air as a sigh and ran to the door that Lemaire and another man came out of. Sung went in ready to cut down any threat that was present.

Sasha deftly unlocked the Orc restraints. "You help us, we will help you." She said, "Just stay close, and don't get in the crossfire." she instructed.

Masao fired a shot down the hallway they've come from, that was followed by a panicked man's scream and breaking stone, before he slammed the door shut. "Come on, we have to catch up." He told Sasha. "No telling what is waiting behind that door.”

Maseo, Sasha and the Orc leave out of the door Sung just exited. When they get to the hallway, its hard to see over the people trying to escape, for Sasha and Maseo. The Orc however didn't have such problems. "Four doors. I see man who was with you." The Orc reported.

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