Arrival At A Town Most Unfitting

Novac wasn't exactly Klaire Roth’s favorite town to visit, but it was the closest one from where she had been fighting the raiders she'd killed. They came at her like wild animals and learned real quick who the real animal was around this area. She'd shot multiple raiders in the face, slit the throat of one for threatening to cut off her tail, and shot another in his crotch before blowing his head off with her shotgun.

No one touched her tail or ears.


With her coat on again, ragged as it was, she made her way across the desolate landscape and found herself closing in on Novac. She would have kept going but it was late and she needed ammo, so she resigned herself to stopping there. Going to that silly dinosaur, she barely took notice of the man that stepped out and went inside.

It took some negotiating, but she eventually got the ammo she needed, some food and a room for the night. “Thanks,” she said just before stepping out again.

Now to find her room…

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