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Summary: A quiet and humble survivalist with an affinity with animals.

Perrine Shoshone

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Animal Communication


While his heritage is a blend of various American backgrounds, including Native American, he proudly identifies as an American with strong ties to the state of Idaho. The rugged landscapes and the resilience of the Idahoan spirit have significantly influenced his character and adaptability in the post-apocalyptic world.

Mutant or Human

Perrine possesses an extraordinary mutant ability to communicate with animals. His ability is characterized by several distinct aspects:

1. **Understanding and Empathy:** Through this mutation, Perrine comprehends the thoughts and feelings of animals, regardless of their species. He can perceive their desires, fears, and needs, establishing a profound level of empathy with the animal kingdom.

2. **Two-Way Communication:** Not only can Perrine understand animals, but he can also convey his own thoughts and intentions to them, establishing a two-way form of communication. This allows him to give commands, request assistance, or simply provide comfort and assurance. It enables him to mimic animal sounds and mannerisms perfectly to the species.

3. **Mutual Trust:** The bond Perrine shares with animals may result in a mutual trust and cooperation. Creatures are more likely to assist him willingly, offering their unique abilities, such as tracking, scouting, or even lending their own skills for defense.

4. **Influence over Emotions:** In moments of crisis or danger, Perrine can also influence an animal's emotions, calming them or encouraging them to take specific actions. This is especially useful when dealing with frightened or aggressive creatures.

5. **Species Variety:** His ability is not limited to a single type of animal. Perrine can connect with mammals, birds, reptiles, and even mutated or hybrid creatures. His power extends to all members of the animal kingdom.

Job/Occupation(not required)

Survivalist, Scrounger, Smuggler

Physical Appearance

Perrine stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches, his lean and toned frame reflecting the demands of a life spent navigating the harsh post-apocalyptic world. He possesses fewer scars than most, a testament to his agile evasions and skill. His deep, dark eyes seem to hold the secrets of the new world, their intensity often leaving those who meet his gaze feeling like they’ve seen into the depths of the unknown. He maintains short, dark brown hair, ensuring practicality in his daily endeavors. He prefers clothing that allows for both flexibility and protection, typically wearing a well-fitted leather jacket, dark cargo pants, and sturdy combat boots. Strapped to his back is a worn backpack, housing a carefully organized array of tools and supplies, and at his side rests a reliable crowbar.


Openness: While Perrine remains open to new experiences, his focus on survival often guides his decisions. He eagerly explores only when it serves a practical purpose.
2. Conscientiousness: Highly organized, Perrine keeps meticulous records and routines, ensuring efficiency and safety.
3. Extraversion: Perrine is a strong, silent type who may be reserved around strangers, but his relaxed presence is marked by innate confidence. He’s the steady anchor in the chaos of the post-apocalyptic world. In addition, Perrine prefers not to use the human language unless necessary because since his mutation, it just feels weird to use.
4. Agreeableness: High in humility, Perrine prioritizes cooperation and harmony when around others. He seeks to avoid conflict and values the well-being of others.
5. Neuroticism: The challenges of this world have made Perrine resilient. He maintains a calm demeanor and a quiet confidence, even in the face of adversity.


Perrine’s journey through the post-apocalyptic world began with the Rupture Event, forcing him to adapt and survive. He soon found a group of fellow survivors, becoming their indispensable provider, scavenger, and smuggler. During one of his solo expeditions, he discovered his extraordinary ability to communicate with mutated animals. This unique gift facilitated his navigation through the treacherous world, forming unspoken bonds with creatures that enhanced his and his companions’ chances of survival.

He found a purposeful meaning in helping others through his knack for smuggling people and scrounging for goods. The former has been primarily utilized for the cause of mutants trying to find a better way of living away from the dangers of capture and isolation. Scrounging has been his way of helping groups with obtaining the goods and services they may need to live. This was how he came across Cynthia the first time. Since their initial meeting a few years ago, Perrine has been a reliable scrounger for her hidden mutant community and at times has even helped smuggle a mutant in need to her doorstep. He has an amicable relationship with the inhabitants at the hidden safe haven because of the service he provides them; however, he usually doesn't stay put very long before he is out in the wilderness once again.

Despite his past, Perrine remains hopeful. He combines his quiet strength with an innate humility and agreeableness, a calming presence among the chaos. His relentless pursuit of supplies, knowledge, and a means to restore order to the chaos of the new world drives him forward.

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Image of Perrine Shoshone
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