Grab and go lunch

Juniper and Terra sit down to lunch at the local's favorite burger joint, Terra loves the photos and is stunned at how the lighting seems perfect in each shot. As they eat they talk about future projects their attention is drawn to a commotion at the counter as five burly men in masks rush in yelling everyone on the ground face down.

Juniper and Terra do as they say and hit the deck Juniper peeks out to keep an eye on what's going on and how best she can help. Amidst the chaos, Juniper's heart races as she assesses the situation, her mind switching gears from photographer to strategist in an instant. With Terra by her side, they hunker down, keeping low and trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Juniper's eyes dart around, scanning for any opportunity to help or escape. She mentally takes note of the exits, the layout of the place, and any potential makeshift weapons nearby. But she's not alone in this. Terra, though undoubtedly frightened, maintains her composure, ready to follow Juniper's lead.
As the robbers demand wallets and valuables, Juniper's mind races with possibilities. She whispers to Terra, outlining a plan to discreetly alert the authorities without drawing attention to themselves. With a quick nod from Terra, Juniper pulls out her phone snaps a picture of the robbers, and sends a text to a model cop friend of hers begging for help.

one of the robbers notices Juniper quickly walking over and kicking the phone out of her hand.

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