A time for action

As the tension in the air thickens, Juniper quickly formulates a plan to neutralize the threat. She leans in close to Terra, her voice barely above a whisper as she outlines a plan “When I say run you run out that door and get the police here asap”. With a determined nod, Terra understands her role in the plan.
With a swift motion, Juniper signals Terra to make her move. As Terra bolts towards the exit, drawing the attention of the robbers, Juniper seizes the moment. She concentrates, channeling her powers with precision, intending to disorient the assailants without causing any lasting harm.
With a decisive clap of her hands, Juniper unleashes a burst of radiant energy, flooding the room with blinding light. The robbers are caught off guard, their vision overwhelmed by the sudden brilliance. They stagger, dropping to their knees in agony, their hands instinctively shielding their eyes from the intense glare.
But as the light subsides, Juniper's heart sinks with dread. Despite her best efforts to control her powers, the magnitude of the blast proves to be too much. The robbers, their retinas seared by the intense illumination, are left with irreversible damage, what was worse is a few of the other patrons seemed to be in pain, Not as bad as her target the robbers their sight forever altered by the unintended consequences of Juniper's intervention.
When the police finally burst through the door, Juniper and Terra breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the threat has been neutralized. Yet, amidst the chaos and confusion, they can't shake the weight of their actions, grappling with the consequences. As the robbers writhe in pain, Juniper and Terra watch as the police lead them into awaiting ambulances. They maintain their composure, waiting patiently for the authorities to interview them.
As they recount the events to the authorities, Juniper and Terra can't help but feel a sense of remorse for the irreversible harm inflicted upon the robbers. Despite their intentions to protect innocent lives, they are left to ponder the true cost of their intervention in the face of danger.

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