Juniper glanced up from her camera, noticing the small coffee shop ahead. She tucked her camera into her bag and stepped inside, the familiar scent of coffee beans and baked goods wrapping around her. She made her way to the counter, her eyes scanning the menu, when she overheard a conversation from a nearby table.
"So, Lydia's planning something big, huh?" one of the men whispered, his voice tinged with urgency.
Juniper's ears perked up. Lydia? The name sounded familiar, and not in a good way. She decided to listen a bit longer as she waited for her coffee.
"Yeah, she's got this crazy plan to attack the state capitol," the other man replied. "She's got a whole mutant army behind her. It's gonna be chaos."
Juniper's heart skipped a beat. This was bad. Really bad. She had to do something.
Her coffee arrived, and she took it with a nod, her mind already racing with plans. She found a corner seat, pulling out her phone and sending a quick message to her contact in the vigilante network.

"We need to talk. Urgent."

Juniper knew she had to act fast. Lydia's plan could endanger countless lives, both human and mutant. As she sipped her coffee, she formulated a strategy. Tonight, Shutterbug would have to go out.

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