To Stay Still is a Luxury

The Wilderness - Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Perrine listened and, always a man of few words, simply nodded, acknowledging her comments. "Stayn steel iz a luxry," he responded, his voice carrying the weight of his experiences. "Wee moove tu surviv."

Luna, sensing the seriousness of the conversation, neighed softly, while Whisp gave a quiet hoot from his perch, showing his own support. Perrine turned to Sophia, his deep dark eyes reflecting both understanding and caution.

"Yoo n Hooney... velcum," he said, the speech impediment making his words slightly garbled but earnest. "Joost ... keap paze . Alvays reedi . Wrisks are everywere."

He then gave a low whistle to Luna and a series of hoots and clicks to Whisp, signaling their continued journey. He knew the road ahead would be fraught with challenges, but he also recognized the strength in numbers and the bond that could form through shared hardships.

With a final nod to Sophia, Perrine guided Luna forward at a slower pace, the wagon creaking and groaning. As they moved on, the environment around them shifted, the remnants of civilization giving way to the untamed wilds. Plants mutated by the Rupture jostled for space, and animals, both familiar and altered, watched from the shadows.

After they had navigated a rough patch of terrain and some crows helped Perrine set his course, he inquired of Sophia. “Vhat skillz yoo n Hooney have?” He had a good understanding of her companion, but he was unclear about the extent of capabilities she could bring to their group.

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