Progressing Nicely

Underground Mutant Community - Medical Wing

Finlay blinked slowly, his mind still foggy but beginning to clear with each passing moment. He turned his head slightly to focus on Dr. Khunara as she spoke, her words blending into a comforting hum. Her presence and the rhythmic beeping of the medical equipment were oddly soothing, grounding him in the reality of the moment.

Finlay nodded weakly, the simple motion feeling like a monumental effort. He was acutely aware of the toll his ordeal had taken on his body—every muscle felt heavy, and his limbs were slow to respond to his commands. "Thank you, Doctor," he managed to rasp out, his voice a mere whisper.

Khunara’s kind smile was a balm to his weary soul as she began a basic examination. Finlay felt her fingers press lightly against his wrist, the steady beat of his heart a reassuring rhythm against the chaos of his recent experiences.

When she placed the stethoscope against his chest, he inhaled deeply, the cool metal a stark contrast to the warmth of her hand. "Deep breaths," she instructed, and he complied, feeling his lungs expand and contract, the act of breathing itself a small victory.

As she checked his reflexes, he couldn’t help but glance at Johnathan, who stood nearby, a silent pillar of support. Finlay’s gaze returned to Khunara, who continued to explain each step of the examination.

When she had concluded, Finlay verified that he would do whatever it took to feel like himself again. As he said that his eyes changed to looked exactly like the doctors, including the shape of the eyelids. Finlay didn’t realize what just happened; however; he did grimace and bring his hands up to his eyes as if he had felt something strange.

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