New Kid On The Block

Crow had no idea how long he was asleep, but he felt like crap as he sat up in pain. He felt sore all over as he recalled being bounced around the cargo section like a rubber ball. It took a bit of time but he managed to crawl out of the cargo section and look around. The view was odd as he it took a moment for him to get his bearings. He quickly realized the plane he was in crashed and the "tail" section he was in was broken off from the rest of the plane. Seeing as he had no clue where he was or who had survived the crash he took a deep breath and decided he would need to gather some supplies before he could explore for any survivors.

Of course, the past year was all she had to go on, sadly. As an amnesiac, she had no clue who she truly was, what her goals were, where she was from…anything! It was frustrating not knowing any of it. The person that had helped her a year ago gave her the name Emma and it just seemed appropriate to keep, so she had.

Seeing the stranger begin to explore, Emma took this opportunity to slide down the side of the airplane’s tail, landing on her feet. Pushing from it, she slowly approached him. “H…hello?” She asked, voice muffled by her gas mask.

Crow's blood turned to ice as he heard the muffled voice nearby. He turned his head just enough to see someone approaching, but he was not feeling any blood lust from them. It was also helpful to notice the other person was not aiming a gun at him. This meant it was not one of the military survivors nor one of his allies, but instead a fellow trespasser like himself. Since they were not hostile he decided to play it calm and cool as he gave a slight wave at them. Then he looked around to make sure they were alone before he spoke, "Ummm hey. You didn't by chance see any survivors around here from the crash did ya? A couple of friends of mine were being held prisoners by some shady guys." Crow of course failed to mention that the military were the shady guys in question. He wanted to see the other person's reaction before his next move.


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