Exploration Turns Into Observation

Emma was merely walking across the land at a calm pace when she saw the plane, watching it slowly descend further and further toward the ground. Tilting her head as it crashed, dark smoke rising from the wreckage, she stared at it for a long moment. Adjusting the ponytail her brown hair was in, she made sure her gas mask was comfortable and didn’t have any leaks before making up her mind.

Perhaps there would be some items she could salvage, scavenge for other things that she might be able to trade or sale, and maybe even someone aboard. She highly doubted someone could survive such a crash, but it seemed as if crazier things could happen in this strange world.

Mentally prepping herself, Emma made her way toward the crash…


It was a few hours before she arrived at the crash and found the tail detached. Curious, she went toward it first, climbing atop the metal and looking around from above. “No one alive?” She muttered the question, glancing around carefully as she lowered into a crouch.

That was when she noticed him: The man in black as he managed to crawl out of the cargo section and look around. Tightening the straps of her backpack, she carefully went to the edge of the plane and gazed at him, taking in the odd wardrobe and obvious disorientation. He didn’t seem to be badly injured, at least, but she still felt a slight concern for the stranger. She knew it was foolish to want to help others, but her nature seemed to compel her to aid anyone that needed it, which had gotten her into a lot of trouble over the past year.

Of course, the past year was all she had to go on, sadly. As an amnesiac, she had no clue who she truly was, what her goals were, where she was from…anything! It was frustrating not knowing any of it. The person that had helped her a year ago gave her the name Emma and it just seemed appropriate to keep, so she had.

Seeing the stranger begin to explore, Emma took this opportunity to slide down the side of the airplane’s tail, landing on her feet. Pushing from it, she slowly approached him. “H…hello?” She asked, voice muffled by her gas mask.

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