A lone figure walked across the barren wasteland. Covered head to toe in black military gear They only distinguishable about them were the shoulder patches bearing a white cross. After the visitation there are many factions in the zone that popped up and while most focused on their own power and agenda there were few that dedicated to helping those that lived in the zone. The Hospitallers were one such faction. Based upon an ancient knight order of the same name They could be found across the zones offering help by providing supplies or killing bandits and mutants. Rook was one of them having joined the order since he was 18.

Crossing over a hill He let out of sight relief. In the distance he could see his destination a ruined village with a church at the top of the a hill. While all the houses in the village had long since collapsed and been reclaimed by nature The religious institution stood tall and it's still structure had served as a waystation for his order for a long time. Shifting The duffel bags on his shoulders he made his way towards it.

After sweeping the building and ensuring it was safe he sat down the bags and relaxed for a moment, taking a look at his surroundings. It was a small church but study enough to weather any storm The zone could throw at it. The interior had long been cleared out of pews and in their place stood various cots, tables, chairs,and containers. Grabbing his vss rifle he made his way up the bell tower Scanning the horizon he took notice of the storm approaching. Reaching over to the bell he began to ring it so he may alert others in the area of the storm and of the shelter he offered.

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