To Whom The Bells Toll

With a curt nod, Emma quickly began to lead the way the best she could. The girl wasn't as familiar with the area as she wished to be since traveling here. It felt as if she had been on the move ever since she'd woken up in that strange and cold room, covered in odd liquid.

"I have to admit, I'm not very familiar with the area, so we must be careful." She told her companion, Crow. He would be able to tell, even with the muffling her mask created, that this was true. The young woman had no clue and would have to be cautious about their surroundings.

As they continued moving, they would find their along a path, but even she was unsure of where it would lead them. She hoped for a little civilization, but that was simply wishful thinking, now wasn't it?

Crow was hauling two duffle bags in tow on top of his body gear as he followed Emma. The loud sounds of the beasts approaching from behind them seem to be getting closer by the moment which Crow found very unsettling. He was in very good shape which made it easier to keep up with Emma. He had no intention of lagging behind as monster bait for the creatures approaching them from behind. Granted she admitted she didn't know the territory that well, but he absolutely no idea where he was and where they were going so he was hoping her luck was better at the moment since he barely survived a plane crash and used up all his good luck for that.

After sweeping the building and ensuring it was safe he sat down the bags and relaxed for a moment, taking a look at his surroundings. It was a small church but study enough to weather any storm The zone could throw at it. The interior had long been cleared out of pews and in their place stood various cots, tables, chairs,and containers. Grabbing his vss rifle he made his way up the bell tower Scanning the horizon he took notice of the storm approaching. Reaching over to the bell he began to ring it so he may alert others in the area of the storm and of the shelter he offered.

As they were running Crow caught the faint sounds of a ringing in the distance. He was worried it was brain damage from the plane crash but as they kept running the sound began to get louder and he realized it sounded an awful like a church bell which was used for warning the people of a village for emergencies. He then asked, Emma, "Should we check out that bell sound or pass it by?" he was hoping Emma might have more knowledge on that toipic?


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