Sanctuary 2

Crow told Emma he wore his outfit to hide his identity from the military and to protect himself while working. As they got closer to the building Crow could see a faint glare of light reflecting from the top of a building. This greatly concerned him as he was worried a sniper was looking at them. So he took cover and said, "Take cover. I think we have been spotted. Either I saw something shiny or there is a sniper looking at us. Please tell me that is your friend waiting for your return." Crow was uneasy at this point.

Rook watched as the two figures got closer towards the church. Not too far behind them a pack of creatures were in pursuit. Stepping out of cover he waved from the bell tower to get their attention. "Get inside I will cover you" he shouted. Raising his rifle he took aim at the beast closest to them firing off a couple of shots and dropping it. Without hesitation he moved to the next target and the next continuing to provide cover fire.

(No worries life happens.)

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