Taking Cover

After sweeping the building and ensuring it was safe he sat down the bags and relaxed for a moment, taking a look at his surroundings. It was a small church but study enough to weather any storm The zone could throw at it. The interior had long been cleared out of pews and in their place stood various cots, tables, chairs, and containers. Grabbing his vss rifle he made his way up the bell tower Scanning the horizon he took notice of the storm approaching. Reaching over to the bell he began to ring it so he may alert others in the area of the storm and of the shelter he offered.

As they were running Crow caught the faint sounds of a ringing in the distance. He was worried it was brain damage from the plane crash but as they kept running the sound began to get louder and he realized it sounded an awful like a church bell which was used for warning the people of a village for emergencies. He then asked, Emma, "Should we check out that bell sound or pass it by?" he was hoping Emma might have more knowledge on that topic?

The building didn’t look like much from a distance, but the closer they got the more she realized it was probably stronger than it looked. The place was simple, yet immaculate, and she could tell that it was well maintained before...what exactly happened? She couldn’t recall and silently cursed her memory for its betrayal.

Only a year. She had only a year beneath her belt of memory, after all.

Once they reached the building, she stopped and looked up, hoping to find out who exactly was ringing the bell...

Crow told Emma he wore his outfit to hide his identity from the military and to protect himself while working. As they got closer to the building Crow could see a faint glare of light reflecting from the top of a building. This greatly concerned him as he was worried a sniper was looking at them. So he took cover and said, "Take cover. I think we have been spotted. Either I saw something shiny or there is a sniper looking at us. Please tell me that is your friend waiting for your return." Crow was uneasy at this point.


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