Who Rings The Bell?

Emma grimaced and looked toward the place that Crow indicated. “Lets check it, but be cautious,” She answered and adjusted her gas mask. It was a little uncomfortable at the moment, but she wasn’t about to just take it off. “Do you always wear...the wardrobe, Mr. Crow?” She asked, trying to sound polite as they headed toward the ringing.

The building didn’t look like much from a distance, but the closer they got the more she realized it was probably stronger than it looked. The place was simple, yet immaculate, and she could tell that it was well maintained before...what exactly happened? She couldn’t recall and silently cursed her memory for its betrayal.

Only a year. She had only a year beneath her belt of memory, after all.

Once they reached the building, she stopped and looked up, hoping to find out who exactly was ringing the bell...

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