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Summary: Dave Hollins: Space Cadet

Dave Hollins

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Civillians & Other




Stella Trader, Space Cadet, Galactic Tourist et al.

Physical Appearance

Slightly overweight, but not obese. Dave has brown eyes and rather unkempt hair. He is about five-six foot tall. Usually wears UEC uniform.

Personality and Interests

Funloving. While touring Jupiter's moons he got thrown out of several respectable hotels after pulling some stunts there, including an incident involving some of the animals in Titan Zoo (don't ask). He can be very serious however. Interests include getting back to Earth, sports, and watching films. Can become trigger-happy in intense hostile situations.


Dave Hollins is well-versed in the area of weird happenings and even weirder people. When Red Dwarf mysteriously disappeared from the Solar System, the UEC sent the Melissa V as a search party. Whilst en route the ship was intercepted by a Polymorph and the entire crew was killed- well, almost. One man, Dave Hollins, accidentally fell into a Stasis Chamber, where he stayed for millions of years. On coming out, he found that the Polymorph had been involved in an incident with an airlock, he was six trillion light years from the solar system, and he only had three music cassettes. Worse still the shipboard computer, Hab, was displaying increasing signs of computer senility. However, despite the odds Hollins established himself as a survivor in his own right, a stellar trader, a space cadet, encountering creatures and situations ever more bizarre. He eventually found Earth, but left again after discovering it was a post-apocalyptic wasteland primarily inhabited by heavily-armed animals and insects and P.E. teachers. Then, after the Melissa V was destroyed and he himself accidentally killed, he was resurrected by rogue nanobots touring the Universe.

Favourite Sayings

"According to Hab, the ship's computer, I am seven trillion light years away from Earth. I've got three music cassettes. It's not going to be enough. My biggest problem is going space-crazy through loneliness. The only thing that keeps me sane is my collection of onions."

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Image of Dave Hollins
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