Heads Up

The look of surprise on the man’s face as the shield blossomed into being was a joy to behold, as was the horror in his widening eyes as Cass uncoupled the idiot-collar from around her neck and with a flick of her wrist snapped it closed around Lindstrom's in one smooth movement
Two things happened in the ensuing uproar, the first being the snipers hiding up in the gloomy arches of the roof, opened fire; the ensuing hail of bullets pinging harmlessly off the hard light shield while the rest of the diners scrambled for safety.

As the snipers opened fire Jaxx quickly pulled Evelina under the table with his claw head and used his body to block the shots. Again Jaxx was very grateful that Alex, Jamie and Artemis upgraded his skutter body with thicker armor as well. Once Evelina was safely under the table, Jaxx quickly rolled under the table to get behind the Simulant Sheriff. Using his speed Jaxx spun around to slam the chair back into the Simulant’s legs as the Simulant tried to stand up. As the Simulant fell onto his back Jaxx quickly grabbed the Simulant’s head with his own claw head and quickly proceeded to do a death spin at full speed. The Simulant had no time to recover, as his head was literally spun off his shoulders. Once Jaxx had the Simulant’s head he quickly backed away from the Simulant’s body. The Simulant’s head began shouting orders to his body to retrieve his head back from Jaxx. Jaxx quickly backed away as the Simulant body charged after Jaxx. Once Jaxx was near a garbage shoot he quickly tossed the head down the hole and backed off. The Simulant yelled, “SAVE ME YOU SMEG HEAD!” Still following orders the Simulant body jumped in the garbage shoot after his head. Then Jaxx quickly hopped back onto the table and quickly began hurling dinnerware and silverware at the mech guards and snipers. Most the snipers where unable to dodge the projectiles and suffered serious cuts and bruises on their face. The mech guards took less damage but did suffer some minor damage to their optical lenses.

The other thing that occurred was Lindstrom going into shock, just as Cass had done when he had gifted her with the collar in the first place, which gave Cass the opportunity to smash the dully unresisting Lindstrom's face into the table in front of him
"You said I was dangerous, didn't you?" she hissed in his ear after she had hauled him back upright, his nose bleeding profusely as another volley of sniper fire ricocheted off the shield
Shaking the steak knife out from within her sleeve Cass held the serrated blade up against his jugular
"Call the snipers and guards off," she instructed "Make one wrong move and you're dead!"
Mike - how's Lindstrom get out of this, or does Artemis have use for a living breathing Lindstrom instead of a bit of DNA?
Lindstrom's neural functions have been disrupted, and if he or any of the wardens make one wrong move, Cass will kill him
What's everyone else do? - How about using this to start a riot? ;-)

As the snipers stopped shooting Jaxx rolled back off the table and said in his asthmatic Vader voice, “No fair Miss Jones! I wanted to thrash Lindy’s nappy ass.” Cass looked at Jaxx and gave him a sneer as she replied; “Tough shit shark boy!” as she clearly was not in the mood for his antics. Evelina was huddled under the thick heavy the table with some of the other crew members who managed to avoid the gunfire. Evelina asked loudly, “Jaxx are you ok baby?” Jaxx replied, “I’m cool Eve babe, just chill till we can pop this place like a soda can.” Jaxx scanned around the room and saw the remaining able mech guards and snipers aiming at him and Cass as they waited for a chance to save Lindstrom. Jaxx said in his asthmatic Vader voice, "What now dudes?"


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