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Summary: Annoying, Bratty, hold on a second let me pull out my thesaurus.

Herbie Columbus

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Civillians & Other


Slightly Human


Ex-Space Pirate & Pro Surfer

Physical Appearance

Herbie is incredibly lanky, he has strawberry blonde hair. He also has a rather cheeky grin that he likes to impress the ladies with from time to time, he wears general red space gear.

Personality and Interests

Herbie has always been quite a fan of cartography and navigation. He was once a space pirate captain and he also is not to bad a surfer not that exactly helps anything does it?


Herbie was born in a Martian ghost town. His parents grew up hating his cheek so they gave him up nad handed him to Herbie's aunt Christine Columbus. Christine was a space pirate, in fact she was captain. The captain of the SS Blue Whale a large derelict mining ship. Herbie and his aunt Christine were the best of friends and the worst. You see one day Herbie threw his dear old aunt overboard, it was his time to shine. He made himself captain of the Blue Whale. At the age of twenty three he had early retirement, bored of pillaging and navigating. So he bought a very expensive starship from some dodgy GELF traders and called the SS Blue Whale II. He decided to go on a holiday in his ship, seeing the uncharted galaxies. But one day everything changed, genius overloaded the ship's engine. With no choice he put himself in statis. Until one day something happened...

Favourite Sayings

"Names Herbie, Herbie something another?"
"Who is in charge of this establishment!"

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Image of Herbie Columbus
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