Dinner with the Devil part 3

The ape-GELF sighed and filled the glass with red wine. He noticed the serrated edge but didn't say anything.
Lindstrom went to take a sip, the serrated edge went right into his lower lip and cut him. Lindstrom coughed, tossed the cup away, and covered his lip. "GUMS! I AM WOUNDED!"
Artemis and Alexis rushed to Lindstrom's aid, Frank did as well, but collected the broken shards of the cup with the blood first, wrapping them in napkins and putting them in his pockets. Frank winked at Artemis and then sat back down.
Gums took Lindstrom aside to treat the wound and regenerate the broken skin. After he returned, the evening resumed.
Artemis chatted with his GELF "daughter" and started to lighten up a little.
What else happens? Does Lindstrom and/or Alexis and/or Gums spoil anything else about anyone else's future? Remember that because they're tailing us at random points in time they don't know how far into the future it is and can't give many specific details.
The blood collection was for the escape plan, I'll show you how that works into it later. Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can all meet after the dinner to discuss our escape? Maybe we meet on a transport back to the cell blocks or we all sneak off and meet somewhere
What is "The Sheriff" like? Is he a nice guy or a jerk? What kind of personality is he programmed with? Is he a southern gentleman or a colonist beatnik? What does he know about you? Or is he just here as decoration?
Anything else happen at the dinner?

Jaxx and Evelina watched as Lindstrom, Artemis and Alexis had their conversation. Once Gums took Lindstrom to get his lip mended, Alexis resumed talking about the crew members she met in the future. Alexis turned her head and saw Evelina and Jaxx and smiled as she said, “I saw you two as well.” Evelina was curious and asked, “What did you see?” Alexis replied, “Well I have some good news and some bad news.” Evelina asked, “What’s the good news?” Alexis replied, “Well apparently your hubby over their gets his old body back and you two have kids as well. And might I saw they are the cutest little fish people I ever saw.” Evelina smiled as she heard Alexis’s words and replied, “Really what do they look like?” Alexis replied, “Well you had one boy who looked just like his father and twin girls who looked like you with fins and gills. You both looked so happy till they came.” Evelina looked at Jaxx and then back at Alexis as she replied, “Before who came?” Alexis replied, “That’s the bad news. You see some other fish people with gills on their noses came from the future and called themselves the EVO-MACOs decided Jaxx had to breed with a female MACO to keep the Master Race pure or some crap like that. Anyhow after Jaxx refused the EVO-MACOs wishes they decided to take matters into their own hands and hunt you all down. I didn’t want to hang around after things got violent so I don’t know what happened after that.”

Evelina got scared as she held Jaxx for comfort and whispered, “Can you believe that Jaxx?” Jaxx replied in his Vader voice, “No joke Eve babe, this is most wickedly intense. Who would have thought it?” Evelina replied, “I can’t believe we are actually going to have kids.” Jaxx replied, “That is so radical Eve babe. I bet you make an awesome mom.” Evelina giggled as she blushed then replied, “I’m sure you will be a great dad too.” Alexis asked, “Aren’t you concerned about being hunted down by the psycho fish people from the future?” Jaxx replied in his Vader voice, “Naaawwh that kinda stuff totally happens all the time, but the kid thing is new.” Alexis looked at the other crew members and they reluctantly nodded in agreement with Jaxx. As Alexis continued to talk to the other crew members Evelina and Jaxx whispered to each other. Evelina whispered, “Wow this is so exciting. Were going to have kids.” Jaxx replied in his asthmatic Vader voice, “Knarly Eve babe so like what should we call them?” Evelina thought for a minute and then replied, "I don’t know this all so new. I just have so many names to choose from. How about you Jaxx any ideas?” Jaxx replied, “Yes I do have a name for the boy.” Evelina asked, “Really what did you have in mind?” Jaxx replied, “I want to name him Davie, after a dead friend of mine.” Evelina replied, “Awwww that’s so sweet. Davie sounds like a good name too. Well since you came up with the boy’s name I will come up with the girl’s names.” Evelina thought real hard for a few minutes as several names filled her head. She contemplated as she ran through them in her head as she imagined looking at herself with gills and fins.


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